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Sri Sri Review

Sri Sri Review
SBS Productions
Krishna, Vijaya Nirmala, Naresh, Krishna Murali Posaani, Sai Kumar and L.B Sri Ram
Muppalaneni Shiva
Sri Sai Deep. Chatla, Balu Reddy
ES Murthy
Sri Sri

Sri Sri

IndiaGlitz [Friday, June 3, 2016 • Telugu] Comments

'Sri Sri' is touted to be an official remake of a Marathi film.  This makes us ask a curious question: Has director Muppalaneni Shiva here adapted into a Telugu film a story written by a Marathi writer, who himself re-wrote a story (or several stories) written by Tollywood writers way back in '80s and '90s?  This curious question apart, here is a straightforward question: Would any audience like to watch a thanklessly extended flashback in the second half when what he or she bargained for was a vigilante film titled powerfully ('Sri Sri')?

Sripada Srinivasa Rao (Superstar Krishna), a good-hearted, activist-minded Law Professor, and his wife Sumathi (Vijaya Nirmala), have been agonized over the murder of their daughter Shweta (Angana Roy).  After waging a battle for justice, Sri Sri lost the case, thanks to a corrupt system that gave him a raw deal in favour of the son of JK Bharadwaj (an industrialist, played by Murali Sharma) and his two friends.  Left with no option, Sri Sri metamorphoses into a Jamadagni, motivated by a frail, depressed wife who is out to burn books on law written by her intellectual husband as they are of no use.  As Mahesh Babu's voice-over says, the Sri Sri needed is a man of action.  The rest of the film is about how the old father goes on a rampage to avenge the brutal elimination of his courageous, brave journo-daughter, even as JK and his cronies torture themselves out of fear.

The storyline would have made us expect a screenplay that gives a lion's share to the Lion-cum-Law Professor.  Far from it, this revenge element becomes a footnote as the flashback involving daughter Shweta takes over.  What is more surprising, this needlessly lengthy flashback comes at a time when the proceedings should have busied themselves with a thriller-like plot.  We are treated to a flashback where Shweta asserts, re- asserts, re-re-asserts about her journalism of courage, seducing thugs into spilling the beans and warning big shots like a dumbed down version of Charmme from 'Prathighatana'.

If making Angana Roy walk away with unprecedented screen time is outrageous, having a merciless businessman (read JK Bharadwaj) act as if he has run out of all options whittles down whatever little gravitas is there. It's just the first murder, murder of his son's friend and this JK shivers terribly.  Such ideas.

Sai Kumar in the role of an idealistic, fiery grassroots activist is at his usual actor self.  One expected two or more good scenes between him and Krishna.  Naresh as a cop investigating the murder of the accused in Shweta's case is convincing. Superstar Krishna in this Golden Jubilee year film gives a very genuine performance.  It his only his presence that makes us sit through the film.  His loaded expression is the only source of gravitas.  Vijaya Nirmala is looking very feeble.  But still, she puts up a good show as a pained mother and a wife.  At a time when today's female leads don't get substantial roles, it's good to see that her character has a lot of role in Sri Sri's journey.

Madhu Thotapalli as the defence lawyer shows the character's mean streak well.  Murali Sharma is convincing.  Posani is apt for the role of a quack out to suffer guinea pigs.  LB Sriram in a cameo is OK.

The technical departments are sub-par.  If the songs don't make an impact, the BGM is loud and oldish.  The cinematography is not rich.

Verdict: 'Sri Sri' comes with a defunct story line.  Superstar Krishna's fans will surely have a fun time watching their favourite star pull off a difficult role with aplomb at this age.  Of course, they will be disappointed that an opportunity to present him as a Jamadagni on a rampage in a better has been squandered.  Watch it for Krishna.

తెలుగు వెర్షన్ మూవీ రివ్యూ

Rating: 2.50 / 5.0

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