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Sringaram Music Review

Sringaram Music Review
Manoj K Jayan, Adhithi
Sharadha Ramanathan
Lalgudi Jayaraman
Classical beauty
IndiaGlitz [Wednesday, September 14, 2005 • தமிழ்] Comments

Lalgudi Jayaraman is a dyed-in-the-wool classicist. You can't get anything less than vowel-precise top-of-the-line music. He shows in this novel offering what a true legend he is in the field of music.

Sringaram truly is an interesting offering. Certainly, a different one from the ear-perforating rhythms that come in the form of modern-day film music.

1) Title music

Typical Lalgudi Jayaraman stuff. Almost like the Mohana Kalyani Tillana that he popularized in his active days. Just the right beginning.

2) Mallari

The Mallari by Injikudi Brothers (on the Nadaswararam) takes you straight to a temple festival or a wedding. The divine tonal outputs that are so unique to Nadaswaram enhance the listening pleasure. The interspersion of the vedic chants and the mantras give a heightened feeling of euphonic sensibility.

3) Nattupura Padal

Again, the song stands out for the original pastoral flavor. Both O S Arun and T L Maharajan bring out bucolic charm inherent in the lyrics with their heavy singing. You can almost feel like rocking in a bullock cart in a village track. The music director has soulfully not tampered with the essential lullaby of this folk tune.

4) Yen Indha Mayamo

When you see Bombay Jayashree's name in the singer's column, you are instantly chuffed. For, she never fails the listeners. Here too she doesn't. Here singing in the Saranga raga, she uplifts the mood and the unobtrusive background of violin and veena are just about perfect.

5) Mudal Mriyadai (Salutation chant)

 Just a single line for invoking the God. Still, good enough.

6) Mamara Thopila

O S Arun again shows what a gifted singer in this short folksy bit. He shows his strong grounding in great singing traditions.

7) Ninaival Yennai

Lalgudi Vijayalakshmi sings from the nose. The nasal twang takes times getting used to. This seemingly Sahana-raga piece is however redeemed by some sturdy background instrumentation that is tailor-made for classical dance.

8) Three Seasons

If we remember Vivaldi for his mesmerizing Four Seasons we may perhaps remember the combo of GJR Krishnan, Lalgudi Vijaylakshmi, Swati, Revathy Meera for this. Though the title seems a bit tacky and fishing for effect, the piece is good on its own. A bit like the one that Narasimhan made famous in Raja Parvai. The swara patterns are absolutely interesting (especially the Vasantha raga interlude).

 9) Yen Indha Mayamo

Sowmya despite being one of the frontline Carnatic singers has not sung in films. But the loss is not hers. In this soft number, she proves her virtuosity. It is quite interesting to note the different styles of Sowmya and Jayashree.

10) Akaram

Feel like washing up under a falls. Just give your ear to this small piece, you are guaranteed to drench in a musical cataract.

All in all, a real treat for those starved of true Carnatic type music.