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Srinivasa Kalyana Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, February 25, 2017 • Kannada ]
Srinivasa Kalyana Review
Srinivas, Nikila Rao, Kavitha Gowda, Priyanka Rao, Dattanna, Achyuthkumar, Sudhakar (rockline), Dr RT Rama, Sujay Shastry
M. G. Srinivas
Bharat Jain and MGS
Midun Mukundan and Raghu Thane

The talented team at work is visible in contents. The young team with philosophical thought ‘Arishadwargas’ are stitched for a neat and tidy narration.  The school age to stage of professional career, different phases are focused and at the end the connectivity to ‘Kama, Kroda, Lobha, Moha, Mada, Matsarya plus Moksha’ is different angle to the ups and downs in love life of protagonist.


The film looks visually good, dialogues are funny, technically new attempts are seen and in 128 minutes of the film ‘Srinivasa Kalyana’ director cum hero of the film MG Srinivas has churned out his best.
The beginning of the film with cartoons and commentary prepare the audience on the developments. When the narration starts flowing from the point of view of elderly actor Dattanna traveling in a car, audience also get a feel of journey towards ‘Moksha’. The ‘Moksha’ in this case is a cool and decent watch from usual shoddy films. From the point of view of protagonist, it is a girl ‘Moksha’ who enters in his life after three ditches in his life.
The teenage tantrums and obsession of LK Balu (Srinivas) is what would have happened in innumerable cases. The mistake of love and later getting transferred in to obsession is the first phase. The ‘Matsara’ also comes in this phase of life as another girl comes friendly with a boy of her (Akshara) liking. Akshara (Kavitha Gowda) becomes possessive and she does not want to see Balu with another girl. After years going out from school she remembers Balu to invite him for her marriage is a shocker. What happened to this huge gap between Balu and Akshara, we don’t find answer.
In the next phase we have Radha (Nikila Rao) coming in the life of Balu. For Radha it is a costly mistake. She has almost fallen in love with Balu who is grown up today. The chance for Balu to explain his situation does not come and that lead to breakup in love. By this time Balu passes all stages of ‘Arishadwargas’ of life for ultimate in life ‘Moksha’. This is not that philosophical ‘Mokha’ – after bumps on the road like how a nice road comes – Balu settles with Moksha (Priyanka Rao) in life.
MG Srinivas in different age groups in this film looks fit and his emotions, dialogue delivery style is convincing. He is a good dancer. The performance of Nikila Rao gathers good attention and plum Kavitha Gowda is naughty from her looks – both have great future ahead. Sujay Shastry is likely to be another Sharan of future. His comedy timing and dialogue delivery is first class. Achyuthkumar and Dattanna are of course flawless actors.
Ashwin Kadambur cinematography is on par with any senior cameramen of the cinema industry. The framing, lighting, angles and new techniques used are brilliant. With natural light he has given splendid visuals to eyes.
The music is another adorable part of this film. Midun Mukundan and Raghu Thane given lilting tunes and some of the lines are well written in the film. Editing is crisp and going back and coming forward in the pattern there is nothing short.
Srinivasa Kalyana is a film for all ages because it takes you back to earlier days and gives a good feel at the end.

Rating: 4 / 5.0

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