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'Srinivasa Kalyanam' Review Live Updates

Thursday, August 9, 2018 • Telugu Comments
8:57 am : Srinivasa Kalyanam movie just started. The film begins with a flashback marriage scene.
9:00 am : Jayasudha, Rajendra Prasad, Amani are in a serious 'Pelli Sandadi' mode.
9:05 am : Naresh plays Nandita Swetha's father. Rajendra Prasad is her uncle. Nithin enters the screen as her Bava.
9:11 am : Sathyam Rajesh plays Hari Teja's henpecked husband. Raashi Khanna just made a style statement: 'Love is a personal decision; Marriage is a family decision'.
9:20 am : Vidyullekha Raman is once again seen in the role of an avaricious eater. Praveen plays the hero's friend.
9:27 am : Prakash Raj seen as the heroine's rich father. Sitara is his wife. It's been just 40 minutes since the movie started and Nithin has already impressed the heroine thrice
9:57 am : Conflict is established and it's on expected lines. Prakash Raj values time. Nithiin values traditions. Everything is told like a slew of binaries
10:05 am : Interval
10:20 am : Jayasudha is a storehouse of marriage-related knowledge. Nithin is a Paddathi Rao. The film is not about the institution of marriage. It's about the thing called wedding. The hero and his grandmother live Pelli, eat Pelli, sleep Pelli.
10:37 am : The backdrop changes to a village. From Pootha Tekulu to greenery and things like that, the film presents every known cliché. Ajay has a comic role
10:57 am : Prakash Raj's character is slowly changing, thanks to the Traditional Marriage Celebration Scheme of the hero's family.
11:07 am : Nithin is saying Sanskrit mantras in the climax. It's a monologue. A long monologue. A follow-up monologue by another character follows
11:14 am : The end