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Stay Alive this Summer with Namma Ooru Refreshing Drinks

Thursday, May 23, 2019 • Common Comments

It’s the month of May and the heat is becoming unbearable. Stepping out of the house has almost become impossible. In the sad eventuality that you just have to go out, consider a few local drinks to keep you cool.

You don’t have to walk more than 100 meters in Chennai to find an Elaneer stall. This locally available healthy drink will help you not only beat the heat but can also treat acne, improve your digestion and reduce hypertension.

Next is a crowd favourite for sure, sugarcane juice. Available at low prices, this summer drink also boasts of benefits of its own. From reducing weight to treating diabetes and preventing cancer, sugarcane juice can improve your overall health.

Nannari juice is another drink that will help you get through the summer unscathed. Known as ‘Sarsaparilla’, this root is an anti-inflammatory that can help treat arthritis. It has also found to be useful in protecting the liver and treating psoriasis.

Thanks to the generous souls that live in Chennai, we can get our next drink, buttermilk, even for free in the summer. This is a great tool against dehydration and acidity, and also helps in increasing the levels of vitamin B complex, proteins, and potassium in our body.

Ragi Koozh is another cooling beverage that you can even make at home easily. A traditional South Indian drink, Koozh helps reduce blood sugar, increase iron levels and slow down the process of skin aging.

Another liquid refreshment you shouldn’t miss out on is Panakam. With jaggery, lemon, ginger, cardamom, and water, this thirst quencher also helps to cleanse the body and is rich in vitamins and minerals.

Nongu and Padhani, a combination of fruit and tree sap, is not only tasty but also helps in improving the skin, aiding digestion and boosting levels of calcium, phosphorus, and zinc. Additionally, this biodegradable option needs no plastic, paper cups, and straws in order to be consumed.

Jigarthanda which actually translates to ‘cool body’ in English, is another beverage that will keep you going this summer. This popular Madurai dessert has ingredients such as almond gum and sarsaparilla, that are known for their cooling properties. Though not as healthy as the other drinks, it is the refreshment of choice on a cheat day.

Opt for these healthy sustainable refreshments this summer and make a difference to yourself and the environment! Last but not least, even if you find yourself in an area without any juice shops, be sure to keep yourself hydrated by drinking water frequently. Carry a water bottle when you go out. It’s a small effort that will go a long way in keeping cool.

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