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Student uses girlfriend to collect and upload bathing videos of hostel girls

One Siddharth aged 21 studying at a private engineering college in Bengaluru is staying at the Parapana Agrahara area.  He has been arrested for uploading the bathing videos of several hostel girls and also the mother of one such girl on facebook.  It was perplexing how Siddharth managed to get into a girl's hostel when no males are allowed beyond the gates.

It has been found that Siddharth has a girlfriend who has done the unthinkable of placing her cellphone in the bathroom and filming her own roomates and hostel mates.  She has even done the same to even the mother of one of the girls who had come to stay there. Siddharth would then upload it on facebook fake accounts.  The Cyber Crime cops had been setting a trap after receiving complaints but could not trace the criminal at first but then they found that he had uploaded from his hometown Thanjavur.