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'Student' Sidharth reveals his period of struggle
Wednesday, October 17, 2012 • Hindi Comments

It is designer dresses, top brand watches, limo drives, red carpet walks and some expensive shades currently for newcomer Sidharth Malhotra.

However there was once a time for 'Student of the Year' debutant from Delhi when even affording a decent apartment entirely for him in the city of Bombay was a challenge huge enough.

Those were the days when he had quit modelling with a dream in his eye to see a Bollywood launch for himself as an actor.

While this led to a long period of struggle for him, there was added trouble due to severe cash crunch that he had to face.

"I don't think anyone in my place would have taken a decision to drop modelling after being placed there so well", says Sidharth, "It was paying me quite well but still I dropped everything and became an assistant director (AD) with Karan Johar on 'My Name Is Khan'.

I wanted to learn the craft and hence chose this route. You show me one model who would have volunteered to take up the job of an AD and work 18 hours a day? In fact I had to share an apartment with friends since I couldn't afford it all by myself. However these are the sacrifices one has to make."

Meanwhile audience is intrigued to know about the special someone in Sidharth's life who must be a constant partner of his struggling days and now impending stardom.

"Aaah, no I am not involved with anyone right now and there is no dating-shating happening", an expected response comes from Sidharth, "People who have been in this journey of mine are my family members and very close friends.

Beyond that there is no one else in my close relation with whom I would be excited enough to show the film."

Well Sidharth, come 19th October and who knows, the relationship status may well change soon after.