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Sukran Music Review

Sukran Music Review
Ravi Krishna, Nadheesha, Vijay, Sreeman, Rajan P Dev,Nazar, Nalini
Vijay Antony
Playing to the gallery
Tuesday, February 15, 2005 • Tamil Comments

After a brief intreval, director S A Chandrasekhar makes his re-entry to films with Sukkran. Supposedly a youthful entertainer, Sukkran stars 7G Rainbow fame Ravikrishna and newcomer Natisha in the lead roles. Vijay, son of SAC, plays a cameo in the movie.

Vijay Antony, a pass out of Trinity College of Music, London, has been introduced by SAC as the music director in Sukkran.

The music album has seven peppy numbers, all predominantly influenced by western tunes and beats, as the industry pundits call these days a youthful music.

The movie also has a 'retune' of the evergreen hit number of M G R - Thulluvadho Illamai.

Antony, considering his maiden attempt, has done a commendable job.

1. Sathikkadi

It's a fusion of a typical Chennai Gaana with western music rendered by Sangeetha and music-director Antony himself. Though it resembles a recycle of some earlier tunes, the racy song with good acoustics and instrumentation surely impresses with its vibrancy.

2. Un Paarvaiyo

The song is also a racy one tuned with the elements of rock and reggae thrown in for good measure. The orchestration is key to the song. The other highlight is obviously the singer combo --- Vijay and Shoba. Well, read it again. Yes, you are right, the mother and son, who are capable singers, acquit themselves very well. The song is good not just for its novelty.

3. Panjumittai

Yet again a fusion --- this time of western and folk elements. They may seem different worlds. But the quaint mix of  thavil and drums is indeed alluring. Antony, as a singer, has all the strengths and weaknesses of music director who croon.

4. Suppose  

This is indeed a refreshing song --- fast but still romantic. It is in the form of question and answers between lovers, almost a catchechism. Ranjith and Vinaya (looks like a new voice) rise to the occasion and give the song a feel and flavour.

5. Vaanamthaan

Who says Manickam Vinayagam sings only dance or mass songs especially in happy occasions. Listen to this number, you understand that he can whip the needed sorrow and pathos. Of course, his range is still high-pictched. But he has managed to find a new niche for himself.

6. Uchi Muthal

Again, Antony plays his music true to type. In that he has managed to mix his numbers. This one is a soft and a slow romantic number accompanied by foot-tapping western beats. Gayathri and Timmy, the singers, persevere to bring the right tonal melody to the fore. But the result is slightly bizarre. Timmy's pronunciation is also sightly disconcerting.

7. Thulluvatho Ilamai

A standout song ---- based on Spanish tunes when it was first released. In a re-tune it is still attractive. Subha is the perfect choice for an energetic song like this. She is full of beans and that is what this tune needs. The orchestration is also full of high-octane fun.

Over all, Antony has played to the gallery, sticking to the demands of the market.