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Swara Bhaskar takes a jab at Kangana Ranaut 

Thursday, June 17, 2021 • Hindi Comments

Swara Bhaskar takes a jab at Kangana Ranaut 

Actress Swara Bhaskar is known for often voicing her opinion on political and social issues in the country. This habit has often put her against Kangana Ranaut's insincere comments. Kangana has often called Taapsee and Swara B-grade actresses. However, both of them were unbothered by thoses remarks. Recently, Swara Bhaskar revealed that Kangana's comments didn't concerned since they weren't fair at all.

Swara stated, "I think I also understand where some of these vicious comments come from - an agenda. They are not actually commenting on my work, they are not even commenting on my performance. I would accept a fair criticism of my performance."

Going a step further to take a jab at Kangana, Swara said, "I think all of that stuff says more about that person than it does about me. When people talk like that... If you are making a fair and valid critique, I would really still accept it. But what is there to feel bad about someone who is just showing you their lowest self? Why should I feel bad? They should feel bad."

Although, Swara is happy that there were people who defended her agaisnt these stupid and baseless remarks. "I was lucky that when anybody raised that kind of comment about my work, there were so many people to defend me. I didn't have to say anything myself," she said.

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