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Tantra Preview

Tantra Peview
Siddique, Swetha Menon, Vinayakan, Kiran Raj, Arvind, Aiswarya
KJ Bose
Alex Paul


Thursday, January 1, 1970 • Malayalam Comments

Tantra boasts of a story rarely attempted in Malayalam movies. The film is set alltogether in the background of Tantric arts, Yoga and Mystiscism, which has its sound existing even from the Vedic Ages till today.

The film is all about magical, metaphysical powers. Aacharya Sudharman (played by Siddhique) is a mysterious saint, all set to increase his supernatural powers, by mantras and pooja, residing in a fearful, lonesome mountain top called Vikramashila. Supporting the Aacharya in all his endeavors to become the most powerful, is his wife Yogini Vedaavathi. At a time when they are even planning to practice the Adharvam to buoy up their power, they happened to have some regular visitors in Kiran and Swethamukhi.

Kiran is a BBC reporter , who arrives to Vikramshila to dig up the resonating relationship of Acharya with  mystic powers. Swethamukhi, the young and charming is there to search for her long lost brother with the help of magical manifestations of Aacharya. Sudharman agrees to locate and bring back the boy, but in turn proposes to use Swetha- a virgin girl to complete his sahasra pooja- the last one to buit him magnificiently powerful. Kiran at the same time falls into the company of yogini, searching for the magical etiquettes of Aacharya..... But what awaits them were disastrous events... quick to follow.

This magnificiently  made, effects filled magical thriller is scripted and directed by K.J. Bose in the banner of M2 B2 Moviemakers. The highlight of the film is the comeback of Swetha Menon - the supermodel turned star - to play the role of Swethamukhi. Aravinder is Kiran and Yogini is played by Aiswarya.

The film cinematographed by Saadath has 5 songs written by Subhash and set to a different breed of music by Alex Paul. The film has completed its shooting phase in the Northern Districts of Kerala.