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Teen dies in 'menstruation hut'
Monday, July 10, 2017 • Hindi Comments

A 19-year-old Nepali girl died after being bitten by a snake in a cowshed. She was to stay in the cowshed as part of a menstruation ritual.

In the western district of Dailekh in Nepal, it is common for young girls to be isolated from their families for the entire duration of their periods. It was this practice that claimed the life of young Tulasi Shah, who was fatally bitten by a snake "twice, on her head and leg," according to the local mayor.

Her family administered home remedies initially and then took her to the local health centre, which did not have anti-venom medicine. The area was flooded by the monsoons and it was nearly impossible to get to the nearby hospital, adding to the young woman’s woes.

This practice, called ‘chhaupadi’, was outlawed by the Supreme Court in 2005. Menstrual rights activist Radha Paudel said that this was a mere guideline and did nothing to deter this practice that is claiming the lives of many girls and women.