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Teenmaar Music Review

Teenmaar Music Review
Sree Parameswara Arts
Pawan Kalyan, Trisha, Kriti Karabanda and others
Jayanth C Paranji
Ganesh Babu
A fine mix of old and new generation tunes
IndiaGlitz [Tuesday, March 29, 2011 • తెలుగు] Comments

Pawan Kalyan has a distinction among the other Telugu heroes and he had a fantastic fan following among the youth. Keeping this in mind, Manisharma tried to give his best while giving tunes to the lyrics. The lyricists too kept this mind and penned the lyrics with a mix of English words in the interludes. Especially, the album had a mix of old and new tunes; besides the audio album has everything to cater to the needs of youth of the entire country. It has north and south Indian styles besides western and rap. The album is rich in music and literary values. A good composition by Manisharma and he proved that he is still in form. The audio album once again proved that the film would definitely reach the expectations of the audiences.

Aale Bale    Listen here

Artistes: Hemachandra, Shravana Bhargavi
Lyricist: Bhaskarbhatla

Who said the Telugu lyrics these days are nothing but sounds and are poor in lyrical values. Bhaskarabhatla penned the lyric with lots of meaning though he included English words. The first stanza reads.. Peekallothu freedomlo munigi teludam, kalla gantalu teesi kotta lokam chuddam. hai darullo saagi podam, santoshamanta sivatandavamaduthude... Such great lyric was tuned fantastically by Mani Sharma with the interludes of rap tune like `Just move along my crazy boy. just move along ooo ooo baby. just move along u r so fun. just move along shika dhoom' to woo the present generation youth. The entire song is full of literary values and Manisharma used choicest guitar sounds and teen maar drum beat besides ektara, in the interludes and made it a mass and class delight. Kudos to the singers for making a listeners' delight.

Vayyarala    Listen here

Artiste: Karunya
Lyricist: Rahaman

The hero of the film Pawan Kalyan had a fascination towards old songs and he had even used some remix of old songs in his earlier films like `Khushi'. However, this time, to satisfy the hero's interest on old songs tuned this in a typical old and classic style full of melody. The tune reminds us of OP Nayyar and some other Hindi songs which were great hits, where harmonium was used in the tune prominently. The song narrates the lifestyle of a person and the excellent voice of Karunya coupled with Rahman's lyrics gave life to it.

Chiguru Bhoniya    Listen here

Artiste: Viswa
Lyricist: Viswa

Viswa, who was basically a singer, also proved as a good lyricist for some special songs. Once again, he came up with a different lyric for this song. Though most of the words in the song could not be understood by the audiences, the tuning of the song would give a feel of listening to a western song as Manisharma filled heavy electronic feel in the interludes of the stanzas. The music and the singer's voice go in the same rhythm. Though foot-tapping the song appears to have no specific meaning in the lyric. Listen it for Manisharma's talent in giving a fast-beat tune.

Sri Ganga    Listen here

Artistes: Hemachandra, Sri Vardhini
Lyricist: Ramajogayya Sastry

Once again Ramajogayya Sastry proved that he is the one who could pen a lyric with complete Telugu words. This appears to be a traditional song with a touch of devotion. At the same time, to suit the present generation audiences Manisharma gave a touch of melody with a traditional composition. The song is high in literary values and more high on musical values. You can enjoy the number by playing repeatedly as Manisharma maintained typical speed and foot-tapping tune for the song.

Barbi Bommaki    Listen here

Artistes: Benny Dayal, Shravana Bhargavi
Lyricist: Bhaskarbhatla

This is a fantastic remix of `Oho Basti Dorasanee.', an old classic song. However, the music director remixed it in a typical Punjabi style with foot-tapping music and every one right from the front benchers to the class audiences could enjoy the song, as the song had fantastic rhythm and the lyricist chose to use rap in the interludes to give a class touch. Despite more number of English words in the lyric, one could enjoy the song especially when they are on the go. Benny Dayal's voice helped to elevate the English words in the rap music. You can keep listening to the song while you are on a long drive for a nice feel.

Gelupu Thalupule    Listen here

Artiste: Sreeram Chandra
Lyricist: Rahaman

The last song in the album is a pathos song. While the earlier songs had foot-tapping music and rhythms, this song was tuned on a sorrowful note and goes on at a slow-pace. Sreeram Chandra's voice perfectly suited the song and one can find the depth of the song because of his choked voice. Manisharma gave a mix of Sarangi and guitar music with a rhythmic drumbeat in the backdrop. Moreover, the lyricist Rahaman too used distinct words yet heart-touching in this song. A melodious tune, after all.