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Ten Heroines Who Teach Us Something [Women's Day Special]

Ten Heroines Who Teach Us Something

On the occasion of Women's Day, IndiaGlitz presents the strong personas of ten popular faces. They teach a lot with their actions and statements. Their beliefs are noteworthy. They mean hard work. Their minds are beautiful. Their lives teach us that they have become what they are because of the choices they made. READ ON and get your dose of wisdom


One of the biggest news-making actresses in recent past, Samantha is easily also among the most beloved. Putting behind the failure of 'Brahmotsavam', the spirited woman bounced back with 'A Aa' last year, an arguably heroine-centric entertainer.

When asked about how she sees failures, she once told IndiaGlitz, "I do my job and the rest is in the audience's hands. I think we should move on and try to do better stuff in future. We should try to learn from mistakes." This is 'gyan' for sure.

As a philanthropist who carries out charity work through Pratyusha Support in her own way, she fully deserves to make this awesome statement: What I lack with height I make up in personality...

Rakul Preet Singh

The 'Athiloka Sundari' has consistently made news for being that achiever we we would like to look up to.

A fitness freak, she is an entrepreneur who co-owns two fitness centres of the F45 label. She feels for causes like women's safety, as can be gauged from the fact that Rakul spearheaded a large fitness event for raking in funds for rape victims.

Rakul's perseverance is impressive. When she shoots for songs like 'Pareshanu Raa..', which require her to look proper, Rakul starves herself for whole day just to make sure she looks every bit fit! That said, her fitness mantra is to eat right, not be on a mindless diet.

Anupama Parameswaran

'Shatamanam Bhavati' and 'Premam' have made young girl Tollywood's new favourite. But Anupama is not an actress by accident. "My parents diagnosed that I had an attraction toward art as a teenager. I used to love dramas. There was a small theatre group in our place and as kids, we used to watch movies, do workshops, share insights about acting, etc," she tells IndiaGlitz.

Her strength is that she always like to believe herself as a zero. "I see myself as a student. That makes me feel fresh. That helps me think about a lot of things," says the creative diva.

Her parents give her the moral strength she needs in the face of setbacks.

Shruti Haasan

A dad's kid, Shruti is a confident achiever. She is a thinking actress who feels strongly about certain issues, much like Kamal Haasan.

Last year, when she brought out 'Unblushed | Be The Bitch', Shruti made it clear where her heart lies. "I feel very strongly about women and women's issues. I felt strongly about it and did the writing myself. Yes, I do think the time has come for films like 'Pink' to be made," she said.

If it was 'Premam' last year, this year, it's going to be 'Katamarayudu' with her 'Gabbar Singh' co-star.

Kajal Aggarwal

As she completed her 10th year in cinema this February, Kajal took stock of how it all began as a one-off appearance, only to end up making her a superstar heroine in a matter of a few years. "When I did 'Lakshmi Kalyanam', I thought I will do just that movie. I thought I will do my MBA, and get back to books. The idea was to just do one movie that will look so good on my CV. That was my thought process. Thank god, that never happened. I love my job. I love what I am doing," she recently said.

Among her strengths are her responsible, courageous and risk-taking nature, while her weakness, again assessed by herself, are being over-emotional and lacking work-life balance.

Nandita Swetha

Before she became a familiar face with 'Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada', Nandita Swetha was known in Tamil as a homely actress to watch out for.

"My audience are family audiences. In Tamil, they come to watch my movie expecting to see my performance. I am conscious of that," she tells IndiaGlitz. As someone who tried modeling after debuting as an actress, Nandita knows her strengths and weakness well.

Taapsee Pannu

In 2016, 'Pink' came as that boon of a script which reinvented Taapsee without doubt. The Bollywood stint, which includes one super flop ('Chashme Baddoor'), has taught her about a mistake she committed years ago down South.

In 2011 alone, she had seven flops. This taught her to go slow in Hindi. "I always do a reality check before taking a decision because I do not have an industry background," she has said.

Tamannah Bhatia

The 'Baahubali' 'abhinetri' learns by experimenting. Her body of work speaks for itself. Versatility is her biggest strength.

You may call a Vijayashanthi a Lady Amitabh Bachchan, but call her a hero, she would disagree. "An actress is an actress anyway. You don't need to compare her to a hero. She doesn't need to become a hero to become any more of an actress. She is already one. That's my opinion on people wanting heroines to be like heroes. You can be a heroine and hold your ground," she tells IndiaGlitz.

Rashmi Gautham

The TV star is now a sought-after silver screen actress, too. In her IndiaGlitz interview, Rashmi took on those who resort to moral judgement about skin show, etc.

"If somebody did, I will tell that person, 'Fine. It's your perception'. That's about it.. I shall have a one-on-one discussion if he/she wants an argument with me. People just don't understand what it takes to be a part of a film or TV show. They just see the glam part. They don't know the pain and the amount of hard work that goes into it. They are not exposed to what goes behind. I understa