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Terror Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, February 26, 2016 • Telugu ]
Terror Review
Akhanda Bharata Creations
Srikanth ,Nikitha
Satish Kasetty
Shek Mastan

Satish Kasetty, the maker of award-winning films Hope and Kalavaramaye Madilo, explores a mainstream genre this time around.  In telling the story of a wronged cop (essayed by Srikanth) who has to outsmart the black sheep within and without, and an outcast who has to prove his innocence to his idealistic father (played by Nasser), the writer-director doesn't resort to over-simplification for the sake of reaching out to a larger audience.  The sub-plots enrich the film, the performers engage with their measured performances, albeit you will always have a complain that the narration at times is like reading an Op-Ed written by an academic in India's most boring newspaper!

CI Vijay is an upright cop whom his boss (played by Vinay Varma) trusts to pull off the most difficult job with temerity.  He is currently under suspension along with his boss and is waiting for an enquiry committee's report to give him and his boss a clean chit.  In an unofficial raid on a club owned by MLA Ravi (Prudhviraj), he locks horns with the politician, who demands a bribe of Rs. 40 lacs.  Meanwhile, Vijay chances upon some clues and suspects that a terror attack is on the anvil.  While the Home Minister (Kota Srinivasa Rao) deliberately tries to sidetrack the investigation by warning against security overdrive, Vijay has none to fall back on except his boss.  Or, so he thinks.

The screenplay is gripping from word go.  The way all the characters, right from the usual suspect to the unlikely villain, have a stake in an impending terrorist attack is narrated in an interesting way.

The relationship between Srikanth and Vinay Varma, that between Srikanth and his sincere assistant Ravi Varma, that between Srikanth and his father Nasser - they all make the narration substantial.  For once, we have a director who has done meaningful research beyond the obvious and the trivial.  Elements like the booby trap (used thoroughly in the climax to make an edge-of-the-seat scene), the modus operandi of a terror conspiracy, mind games that the black sheep play, etc are well-executed.

The episode where Srikanth explains to his fan assistant Ravi Varma the challenges a duty-minded cop faces stands out.  "Mana power information lo untundi," he starts off, venting out his frustration at the caged bird the police have been made out by the political executive.  In a long time, a Telugu cop movie hasn't had such a fabulous scene.  After a dry second half, the film again comes into its own in the climax, where Ravi Varma, Srikanth and Vinay Varma deliver a very good act, helped by the director's detailing.

The film induces a sense of deja vu and that's good.  Kota Srinivasa Rao plays a wily politician, complete with his quirks, after a long time.  One finds Kota's lusting after Silk Smitha simulated, though.  Nasser is restrained and thorough.  Prudhviraj has a very well-written role and is at his usual best.  Ravi Varma is an under-rated talent and one feels he will get more such good roles.

Srikanth is the biggest surprise package.  Right from his adept facial expressions to dialogue delivery and demeanour, he is very watchable. It's good that Srikanth here is entrusted with an author-backed role that doesn't demand of him to shout or dance in outdated numbers.  Nikita, who plays his wife, passes muster.

The second half until the climax falls short on entertainment quotient.  There is no much drama surrounding Srikanth's heroic escape from the villains and his spirited fight to unravel the conspiracy.  One expects more intelligence when the villain is a Home Minister.

The technical departments deserve kudos.  The cinematography is neat and adept.  The editing, too, is good.

Verdict: An authentic cop thriller, this one has very good performances (esp of Srikanth), and good writing (be it the screenplay or dialogue), although the second half should have been better. Satish Kasetty is a director with an immense potential for sure.  May his tribe grow.

Rating: 3.00 / 5.0

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