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Thakita Thakita Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, September 3, 2010 • Telugu ]
Thakita Thakita Review
Down Town Films
Harsh Vardhan Rane, Haripriya, Trinetrudu, S Karthik, K Ananth, Trilok, Bhakti Punjani, Aditi Chengappa, Eva Ellis, Swati Rajput, Arpita, Master Sangeet, Baby Raina, MS Narayana, Cochin Haneefa, Dr. Siva Prasad, Krishnam Raju, Chitram Srinu, Samrat Arun Kumar, Lab Sharat, Sana, Sandya Jhanak, Anitanath, Apoorva, Vaheeda, (Special Appearance: Nagarjuna, Anushka), (Guest Role : Bhoomika)
Sreehari Nanu
Bharat Thakur
BOBO Shashi
Thakita Thakita

Down Town Films, floated by heroine Bhumika and her husband Bharat Thakur, have come out with a colourful delectable movie with fresh faces, that might strike a chord with the youngsters. Directed by Sreehari Nanu, the movie is a youthful affair which impresses the audience, most of the time, if not always.

The Movie.

As the promos and the trailers show, the movie is about a group of 8 youngsters, including one foreigner who comes to India on a student exchange programme. The characters are introduced one at a time by Nagarjuna who jogs along with them in a park (And Nag's playing a guest role and so is Anuskha who comes for a jify).

All are friends right from college (or even school, which confuses the audience because of the uniforms in the flashback but eventually you indulge yourself in the movie, and you start assuming things) and they share quite a bond among themselves.

The lead hero of the movie is Harsha Vardhan as Sridhar aka Sri and the heroine is Haripriya as Chandana alias Chandu. The others in the gang are Scut, Andal alias Nandini, Mahesh, Kishore, Jessica and Bhakthi.

So after the introductions, the life of the individuals is shown and how all their lives are interwoven is explained, in a rather dragging way which could have been trimmed by Editor Marthand K Venkatesh and explained a little more pleasingly by the director.

The Plot.

The friends have been together even after finishing their education. The movie starts at a place where they are in search of jobs and starting a career.  And the usual love stories among the members of the gang are neatly included. The main twist of the movie is here: Sri loves Chandana but doesn't tell it to her till he lands himself in a job. So one fine day when he gets one, he rushes to propose Chandana but here he receives a reception to the contrary. He is not welcomed because of a drunken act that results in Chandana hating him. What is that act? Why does Chandana hate Sri? Answers at your nearest cinema.

The Strength

All the fresh faces have done a decent job. Considering the point that they are new comers you can't complaint about their lip sync and only a couple of them are Telugu speaking people. Supporting actors like Cochin Hanefa, Sana and the others have done their part well. Bhumika as a teacher does her job with finesse.

The strength of the movie is the music by Bobo Shashi. Music is classy. The background score is impressive and sustains the interest of the audience. The picturing of songs especially `Ishq Hai Yeh' and `Mila Milala' are beautiful and leading cinematographer Senthil has done a commendable job.

Dialogues by Kona Venkat are not really cinematic and they go along with the script. They evoke giggles at times and a few scenes demand emotional dialogues which have been penned well. Talking about giggles, comedy in the movie is prevalent most of the time. MS Narayana's comedy track and a few comic scenes among the friends especially lights on Scut, will make you laugh with out a doubt.

The Weakness

Director Sreehari Nanu has tried to include too many ingredients in his dish. If he would have tried to adopt a formula, the movie would have got to pinnacle but flaws are bound to happen and he can be forgiven for it. The screenplay of the movie before the interval is a little slow and post interval, the movie has so much to offer but if you can sit through that, the movie is a pleasure to watch.

The Verdict

`Thakita Thakita' is a message oriented movie. It talks about life. The director has used the Rubik's cube as an object to explain the perils of life and in the process he has tried his best to convey it to the audience. The movie is impressive in parts and those parts are good enough for a watch in the theatre.

Released on: 3rd Sep, 2010

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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