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The End Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, December 5, 2014 • Telugu ]
The End Review
Friday Films
Sudheer Reddy, Yuva Chandraa, Gazal Somaiah, Pavani Reddy, Venu (Tillu), Sundeep Ved, Master Vedu
Rahul Sankrityan
Koteswara Rao Morusu
Vamsi, Hari
The End

'The End' is a film where a character who doesn't believe in ghosts searches a whole building to find out if a missing corpse that has been stealthily hidden somewhere else found its way into the building, that too, even after ruling out the possibility of any kind of human intervention.  Guys who are in trouble think of everything else other than a concrete solution that can help them get rid of the dire situation they are in.  Of course, all this apparent inanity is given a justification in the climax, but by then you can't help it if you ran out of patience.  Moreover, the climax justifies the behaviour of one, not another.

Rajeev (Sudhir Reddy) and Gowtham (Yuva Chandra) are all-weather friends, one a businessman and the other a doctor by profession.  Priya (Pavani Reddy), Rajeev's wife, is unhappy over the attention Rajeev gives to Gowtham and is disturbed that a construction worker died accidentally in the backyard.  Gowtham leaves the couple to live in Goa, but when he returns six months later, he finds that Rajeev has been scared by his wife's mysterious behaviour for six months.  Rajeev believes that his wife may have been possessed and seeks Gowtham's help in tiding over the crisis.

However, Priya gets killed inadvertently on a fateful night and Rajeev is traumatised by the fact that he has to save himself from being held culpable for killing his wife.  In this, he takes Gowtham's help.

To be fair to the makers, 'The End' has got a reasonably good storyline, albeit not an exceptional one.  The 'Pizza'-like poetic justice would have been wonderful if 'Pizza' and 'Villa' didn't give us a taste of poetic justice.

For a story like this one, throwing up clever hints early on if only to make the audience confused (instead of letting him be in the self-assured feeling that all is over) would have worked.  Instead, we are treated to a halting thriller-horror that is neither here nor there.

The characterizations are good enough.  Sudhir Reddy is convincing in his act, be it when it comes to trembling with fear or showing the rich guy's arrogance.  Yuva Chandra is more Bollywood-esque in his demeanour.

Pavani Reddy comes across as an actor who can put up a subdued performance.

It would have greatly helped the run-time if the track involving Gowtham and his girl were trimmed.  Secondly, so much of Rajeev-centricism should have been tweaked to add more thrill rather than more of the same.  In the end, there is so much of that short-film-has-been-stretched feeling lingering in our minds.

The technical aspects are good enough.  It's a relief that the sound track is not over-the-top, although the songs are downright boring.

Verdict: All in all, 'The End' is a film that answers your questions long after your exasperation gets the better of you.

Rating: 2/5

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Rating: 0 / 5.0

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