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The Nun Review

The Nun : Not so scary

After Conjuring 1 & 2, Annabelle 1 & 2, the fifth part of the terrifying series settles with The Nun. While Conjuring had its own way of invoking fear, Annabelle capitalized on doll horror that is habitual to Hollywood. Nun’s trailer is gut wrenching and fearsome, did the movie live up to its expectation? Well, not entirely. It becomes a weary affair continuing the usual trend and fails to instigate something new in this genre. 

The movie is a spin off from its Conjuring counterpart, it’s a sort of prequel that shows how Lorraine got her visions. Spinning off James Wan’s 2013 "The Conjuring," about real-life married ghost hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren, the franchise started with true tales of hauntings, possessions and spectral invasions. But there were so many side stories and creepy characters that both "The Conjuring" and its sequel well, conjured up, that more movies were necessary. There have been two films about Annabelle, the creepiest china doll ever. And now "The Nun" takes on the backstory of the imposing demon in a habit that terrorized Lorraine's visions. The movie is set twenty years before the proceedings of The Conjuring and opens up in an Abbey in Romania. After the supposed suicide of a Nun there, the Vatican sends Father Burker to investigate. And along with him is sent a young Nun to be, Sister Irene. The two, with the help of a local delivery man Frenchie, go on an investigation and come face to face with Valak aka The Nun. 

Predictably, things start going bizarre almost immediately with a rash of spooky occurrences that escalate in intensity all throughout Burke and Irene’s investigation. The monastery itself, the locals say, is cursed; full of some nameless and pervasive evil that has slowly begun leaking out into the town itself. Everything from a template horror movie from: actual zombie-like monsters, hallucinations, horrible nightmare visions, innocuous creep-out moments like ghostly radios playing - you name it. The Nun has scares-a-plenty. The biggest problem with The Nun lies in the fact that not once you feel that the stakes are high. Not once you get scared of The Nun. The film depends heavily on shock value and loud music but not enough scares which they should have gone after. Its like expectation that does not live upto it. 
Verdict : Nun is certainly not the best in conjuring series, but its not all that bad for someone who loves horror movies. A Diehard fan of horror genre would be disappointed for not giving away cheap and high thrills that shook at right time. 

Rating : 2.3 / 5.0