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The other heroes also should try to experiment
Tuesday, June 10, 2014 • Telugu Comments

Audiences love films with fresh subjects and they receive experimental films well, if they are narrated in a right way and if they understand it. It is once again proved by the film,'Manam'.

View Manam Gallery
View Manam Gallery

Though 'Manam' is made with an offbeat plot and though the idea is a complex one, it is narrated in such a way that every section of the audiences will understand it easily. Tollywood filmmakers have also experimented in the past. But most of those films failed at the box-office because, audiences could not understand those films easily.

Audiences are fed up with films that are being made with done to earth subjects and it is really a good sign that the trend in Tollywood seems to be changing slowly with films like 'Manam'. If a big hero makes a successful experimental film, it will sure inspire others to make such films. So other big heroes in Tollywood also should try experimental films and give the audiences new experiences every time.

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