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The reason behind superstar Sursh Gopi's Absence in Dileep - Kavya Wedding
Friday, December 2, 2016 • Malayalam Comments

The latest grapevine in the industry is the absence of Suresh Gopi in the wedding ceremony of Dileep – Kavya Madhavan. It has captured the imagination of gossip mongers. 

Anyway actor/MP Suresh Gopi was there in Kochi when the wedding happened. It was enough to fuel the curiosity of story tellers. When even Megastar Mammootty personally attended the wedding of the star couples, why was he absent, it was the question asked by many? 

Some said that the reason is Nishal Chandra the ex-husband of Kavya. Suresh Gopi is the relative of Nishal Chandra and it was he who moved the proposal. So Suresh Gopi was in a dilemma, he was not in a position to support the wedding or take part in it. There were also reports that the actor tried for a compromise between the estranged couples.