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The Tiger Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, December 17, 2005 • മലയാളം ]
The Tiger Review
Suresh Gopi, Gopika, Rajan P Dev, Murali, Saikumar, Siddique, Thilakan, Vineeth Kumar
Shaji Kailash
Sasi Ayyanchira

There are certain things in life we never go tired of.Suresh Gopi, as a bravado cop chasing unscrupulous politicos and sinister terrorists, is certainly one among them.

Suresh Gopi has done this role in countless film that we can suspect that khaki is his second skin. But the thing is he makes such a fine work that we continue to ask for more.

Tiger is certainly a typical Suresh Gopi-Shaji Kailas film. But all through it is interesting and intelligent. In the event, the film emerges as a roaring entertainer with a smart suspense that is maintained till the end. Suresh Gopi, with heavy and bombastic lines falling off easily from his tongue, is at his best. The success of Bharathchandran IPS has given him new confidence and it shows in his performance. Surely he must have been a dreaded cop in his previous birth!

Tiger Chandrasekaran (Suresh Gopi) sets out on the trail of those who had killed a fellow cop (Murali). The latter had been investigating the shady shenanigans in the revenue department that is headed by a venal Minister (Raja B Dev). The Minister is a stooge of the powerful MP Joh Verghese (Siddique). He also has nexus with a vile ultra Musafir.

Meanwhile, Suhara (Gopika), an intrepid investigative journalist goes missing after she digs up the dirt about the Minister.The story is about how `Tiger' solves this tangled and web and brings to light the identity of Musafir.
It is not a story that is new to us.But surprisingly it works as Suresh Gopi and Siddique, who have played attractive adversaries previously too, come to the fore again. Both act with rare understanding. Suresh Gopi is decidedly first rate as the cop.The director gives plenty of scope for him to perform his well-known stuff. Siddique as the venal MP is smart in his work.

Gopika as the nosey journo shows fine understanding of her role and has come up with a convincing portrayal. Rajan P Dev, as a corrupt Minister, is his usual self. Congress politician Rajmohan Unnithan as the Chief Minister has nothing much to do.

Shaan's music creates the right ambience for the story to move on. Shaam Dutt's camera work too is on the right lines.

Shaji Kailas is a master of such entertaining potboilers. He has built a huge reputation for himself for masala films. Tiger does not spoil that reputation.

Rating ****

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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