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Thegidi Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, February 28, 2014 • Tamil ]
Thegidi Review
Thirukumaran Entertainment, Vel Media
Ashok Selvanm, Janani Iyer
P. Ramesh
C. V. Kumar
Nivas Prasanna

 The days of hero centric movies are beyond Tamil Cinema without a doubt, for these intelligent bunches of next gen film makers have proved that an unexpected storyline bundled with a steamy screenplay can make the audience glue to their chairs and yes never let go of the popcorn. Thegidi is one such brilliant movie flaunted by beaming background score grips your adrenaline rush through the movie. Ashok selvan the tall and handsome lad from Pizza 2 plays a budding detective in the making and the consequences of a murder investigation takes the normal life to a toss.
The twists and turns:

Ramesh, yet another short film director stepping into the big league has come up with a crafty plot that stages a perfect thriller milieu. Ashok Selvan is Vettri a graduate in criminology grabs a meaty job in a detective agency. The film shoots off with a brilliant number by Andrea thereby gives a glimpse of a routine day of detective at work. Delegated with the role of shadowing people, Vettri's reports of the vigilance goes one by one until he is daunted with the task of collecting Janani aka Madhu's profile.
The director has taken time to unveil each scene slowly thereby taking time for the twists to enrich the screenplay. Vettri sheds his detective cape for Madhu his next subject and gradually cupid gets the better out of him. Ashok plays the perfect lad for a budding mystery man with the rightful emotions in the first half; however the lazy look lets us partially down in the second half. Life is well, until one of the persons that he collected reports for is found dead, and then drilling down he finds out that it's just not the one guy.
Till the first half, the director engages the audience with a sense of euphoria, taking the roller coaster ride of casual love and then brings the thrills. The mistake that most of the directors who take up the job of smoking a thriller is that they induce the twists and deceptions way too early and without a cause, however Thegidi doesn't try to forcefully insert the twists, rather by situation. Second half is about Vettri's investigation of the murders and the events that ledup to finding who's who.
Nivas Prassanna's music is spellbound and proves why even a slow and sly scene can appear paramount with the rightful BGM packed with power. The backbone of the movie is that it doesn't get too predictable and Ramesh keeps up with the guessing game. However that said, with a rookie detective getting sniffy about a series of murders, receives no threat through his investigationis something not convincing, even though there has been justification in the climax.
Ashok's subtle performance of a rookie detective is commendable and he makes a fair job out of it. The film rides high on his shoulders, the actor is sure to receive a lot of offers post this movie but only if he improvises on his acting. His looks remain neutral even through high intense scenes and could have been etched with a sense of urgency. Janani Iyer is sweet and plays her part perfectly as Madhu the innocent gal. The film does have its bits of fun from Kaali who plays Ashok's friend and there is Jayaprakash yet again in a familiar character role.
Watch out for the climax as there is a lot of disclosures in store. In all, a gripping thriller sure to keep you hooked for just over two hours.
Verdict : Thrills and twists guaranteed

Star : 3.5/5



Rating: 0 / 5.0

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