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There is a big twist in 'Anando Brahma': Mahi V Raghav
Sunday, August 13, 2017 • Telugu Comments

Mahi V Raghav, the director of 'Anando Brahma' (Aug 18 release), in this interview talks about what makes his film special, working with an ensemble cast, waiting for Taapsee, and more.

Why did you take such a long time to make your next film after 'Pathashala'?

It was not a conscious decision to take a long gap.  I wanted to come with a very good product after 'Pathashala'.  It took its time to pen the script and get the various members of the cast on board.

It was I who produced 'Village Lo Vinayakudu', 'Kudirithe Cup Coffee' and 'Pathashala'.  I take a lot of time to write the story.  It takes six months to one year for me to complete one.  I waited for four months for Taapsee's dates.

Since you have made a horror-comedy, do you believe that ghosts do exist?

I believe in neither god or ghosts.  Fear is the root cause of their 'existence'.  When I wanted to do a comedy, I cogitated over what kind of comedy to make: horror-comedy or crime-comedy.

When you have the right theme, the audience will surely love it if it is told in a new way.  That's how the idea of reversing the roles was conceived.  It's then that it occurred to me if a ghost can be scared of the humans.

The same has been narrated in 'Anando Brahma' in a logical way.  The characters are distinct.  One character is a drunkard, another is a deaf man, who also suffers from night blindness.  Whenever he is scared, he plays the flute.

There is another character who is a split personality.  Srinivas Reddy's character has a heart problem.

The flaws of these characters turn out to be their strength.  And the entire story takes place in one house.

What is Taapsee's character like?

Taapsee had liked the story and said OK to doing the film, but I was yet to find a producer.  Meanwhile, she went back to Mumbai and became a busy star.  When I found a producer and called her up, she did the film without asking a question.

There is a huge twist in the story.  You have to watch it on the big screen.

What would you say are the film's highlights, apart from that "big twist"?

Sound plays a key role in a horror movie.  That's why, we took so much time to get it right.  It took 2-3 months to complete sound designing.  The comedy too is situational.  There is an element of emotional drama.  The ghosts have very good scenes between them!

What are your upcoming movies?

I am yet to decide on it.  Let 'Anando Brahma' release first.