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There is ideological clash in 'Ungarala Rambabu': Miya George [Interview]
Tuesday, September 12, 2017 • Telugu Comments

Miya George is happy as her first Telugu film, 'Ungarala Rambabu', hits the screens on Sept 15.  In this interview, the Malayalam actress talks about her role, what are her preferences as an actress, and more.

A good experience:

'UR' is my first straight Telugu movie, 'Yaman' being a dubbed one.  It has been a very good experience really.  Everything is positive about this film.  Kranthi Madhav sir had a 'yes' from me as soon as he was done narrating the script.  I like the basic plot line.  It has got family sentiments, comedy, dance, music and everything in the perfect proportions.

Grappling with Telugu:

Since I can't speak in Telugu, Kranthi Madhav sir narrated every scene in detail.  He gave me enough time to learn the dialogues.  Sunil too patiently explained to me any doubt that I asked me with respect to pronunciation, etc.  I learn the lines by heart.  I would be given the lines the previous day.  However, I haven't dubbed for myself.  I have tried to give my level best.

A two-dimensional role:

I am playing a girl named Savitri.  In the first half, her attire is modern, she is energetic, bubbly and tricky.  In the second half, when the backdrop of the film shifts to a village, she is a homely, lovely and traditional girl.  She is the daughter of a Communist (played by Prakash Raj).  PR sir is a legendary actor.  I cherish all those moments of working with him.  I am really happy and excited.

She falls in love with the hero at her workplace.

Sunil is cool:

Working with Sunil has been very nice.  He is an entertainer on the screen.  And he is a nice person off it.  He is very attached to his family.  He would give me health tips and would even ask me to do gym, yoga, etc.  He made me very comfortable.  He is such a cool dancer, too.  He is very flexible.

In the film, he is a firm believer in astrology.  As the title suggests, he is in lucky stones and all.  But Savitri is a polar opposite.  She is against all that.  Since Savitri's father is a communist who believes in equality, there happens an ideological clash between him and the hero.

Doing the numbers:

Although I am a trained classical dancer, I don't know much of the Western dance.  And in 'UR', you have all kinds of numbers.  Each of the five songs is different in its own right.  If 'Allari Pillagada' is traditional, there is a peppy duet.  The choreographers made me dance so well.  But it's very hard to compete with Sunil.

The future vision:

I would like to continue doing characters that have their importance in relation to the story.  Something should be there for me to portray.  I can't just dance around.  I like my characters to have an emotional content.  I am not saying that all the scenes should revolve around me.


Aamir Khan is one of my favourite actors.  I have been inspired by so many actors.