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Thirudan Police Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, November 14, 2014 • Tamil ]




There is something about this Father-Son relationship! A sense of responsibility, a lasting care and a personal emotion that lingers between! No wonder young directors have started taking this very seriously by penning scripts around this. KediBillaKiladiRanga, SigaramThodu and now Thirudan Police too follows the same line, but each of them uniquely trying to portray this sensitive bond in their own way. Directed by Caarthik, the movie has Attakathi Dinesh in the lead role along with Ishwarya Rajesh, AadukalamNaren, NaanKadavul Rajendran, Bala Saravanan and NitinSatyaa in the lead cast.
The Story:
Caarthik doesn’t waste much time and right from the word GO, he starts emphasizing on the strained relationship between Dinesh and his father essayed by Rajesh. Jobless and nothing to lose Dinesh irks his father for being a squanderer and not heeding to his words. An encounter planning goes haywire and Rajesh gets killed and predictably the job falls into Dinesh’s hands. One big plus of Thirudan Police is the simultaneous ooze of comedy track that glues to the story thanks to NaanKadavul Rajendran, John Vijay and Bala Saravanan.
If the first half is about Dinesh’s struggle as a constable, the repenting moments with his father, occasional romance the second half is about his determination to bring his father’s murderers into limelight and yes, revenge. With no much heroism, casual acting and some genuine cliché moments that brings our fathers into memory, Caarthik saves the best for the last 30 minutes which is just a laugh riot. An aching hero who wants to find the criminals and anyone’s guess would be a stage set for a grand blood boiling climax, however the director steers away to give some lighter moments and that too logically.
What’s good?
To start with the director, who has rather chosen a done and dusted concept, however weaves a novel tale out of it. A couple of scenes deserve to be mentioned; the plight of several policemen who stand guard for VIP’s in the dry sun, accompanying a criminal to court, a light hearted constable who takes everything for granted, these are director’s touch. The movie has several people who capture our attention, Dinesh looks afresh from Attakathi and slight reminiscences of the film is all over in Thirudan Police. His acting, Body language has improved remarkably and one scene in particular when he emotes over his late father is rather touching.  The rest of the cast, to start with Bala Saravanan accompanies Dinesh through the movie and looks promising with his timely gimmicks. John Vijay and Aadukalam Rajendran just bring the floor down with their humor. Yuvan’s BGM and Pesadhe number is quite harmonious and the rest of the songs are just out of the line. Vijay Sethupathy’s item dance song is a surprise package of the lot.
Why, What and How?:
The movie is a clean time pass without much fuss; however there are some elements that could have worked better if more attention to detail was given
1. Basking on Father – Son relationship the director has focused much on the sequences later in Dinesh’s memories. A little more build up and dialogues to showcase their estranged relationship could have given the impact.

2.Romance just doesn’t seem right in this movie, and looks to be inserted rather forcefully even though Ishwarya looks chic and promising.

3.The end 30 minutes brings the house down with fun, however the BGM could’ve been cartered to suit the setting.     

Verdict :  A clean and complete time pass from Caarthik and team, a good watch
Rating : 3/5


Rating: 0 / 5.0

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