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This is original Govinda

Monday, April 16, 2012 • Kannada Comments

After looking at the popularity of 'Govindayanamaha' and its box office speed one of the directors Venugopal (he has directed Jai Hind recently) raised an objection that the contents of the film is lifted from his film 'Avnandre Avne' released in 2006 November.

Karnataka Film Directors Association writer's wing viewed both the films and set aside the allegations of Venugopal as far from truth.

On a complaint and DVD of 'Avnandre Avne' director cum writer Nanjunda, V Nagendra Prasad, MS Patil and Malavalli Saikrishna watched the film and submitted a report. According to Nanjunda the film Avnandre Avne starring Naveen Mayoor,Nandeetha, Kangala, Biradar and others was screened only in Kalpana theatre in 2006 in the morning show. There is no record of reviews too of this film. When the debut director Pawan Wadeyar and KA Suresh producer of Govindayanamaha came with a complaint to Directors Association we thought it as a right move to think on a solution. The allegations are not correct from Venugopal who is now director of 'Jai Hindi' Kannada cinema.

The only commonality is the photo of Naveen Mayoor that was used in 'Govindayanamaha'. The films with original scripts should not be troubled like this. When over 70 percent of people connected to cinema are not ready to hear to the original scripts this type of trouble is uncalled says Nanjunda.

Baffled Pawan Wadeyar  says he has no idea about the contents of this film. I sought the help of Directors Association and it has given right justice he thanks.

Producer of 'Govindayanamaha' KA Suresh is of the opinion that Venugopal and should be banned. Nowhere the failure inspires. This allegation made me sleepless. He should ask for public apology. Producer of Govindayanamaha KA Suresh was very firm on his decisions.