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This is the time for Independent filmmakers to tell stories & shine on OTT – Rana Daggubati

Friday, July 3, 2020 • Telugu Comments

This is the time for Independent filmmakers to tell stories & shine on OTT – Rana Daggubati

Rana Daggubati was answering a barrage of questions on Cinema, Lifestyle and Wellness at the CII Lifestyle and Wellness Summit webinar today.

Dr. Jalachari Ella, who chaired the webinar asked many interesting questions and as usual Rana Daggubati gave engrossing answers to all those questions.

According to Rana, World is at the lowest in morale, economy, and many other things, it is time for artists to tell inspiring stories and shine. This is a moment to make a future, and overcome the big hit that has arisen due to this pandemic.

On a question of how to pivot this opportunity, Rana said, today we have the power to create, with platforms like OTT, it doesn’t have to be where we are. Talented people will have the opportunity to come forward and show their body of work. OTT will be the voice of Independent filmmakers, there will be a lot of fun to watch out for. Movies in the theatres will be a big spectacle and will continue to do so. Rana added.

When asked what keeps him going during this pandemic, “I felt the uncertainty would stay here for long time, so I have immediately decided on a long term, I was sure we will not have films projects, so planned backwards, and we were able to create a pipeline of animation projects for next 2 years. I feel like I found another job quickly. Finding things that excites you means it doesn’t have to be big and doesn’t have to be like our main business, he expressed.

When Chairperson, CII-Lifestyle and Wellness Summit, Dr. Jalachari stated, how we all got a wakeup call, in the form of Covid, when suddenly life became slower, and taught us that we cannot do anything but only to prioritise for what we want to do, and how she was thrilled during the first 15 days of lockdown to enjoy the break as a semi vacation asked, how the Covid break has affected film industry.

For that, Rana answered, “the large part of the film industry is working, all of the pre-productions happen online and don’t have to meet anybody in offices, even writing happens at home, story writing has become smarter, more efficient and creative.

On a question on How has your lifestyle changed? Rana said, either react or wait for the world to settle down. I have reacted in lighting speed, reinventing what could be, and using the power of the internet to create new business and creative opportunities. It is a great time to fix things and make a great future.

On the lighter note, he also said, “I decided to get married,” it is chill, it is easy, I am also training consistently, building a routine for myself, living right with parents. It is a good time for me and all of us in the family”.

On a question from a panellist about wellness and being fit, Rana, said, “Now am pretty much eating clean, most of my diet usually depends on what film I am doing, If I have to look big in a certain film, I have to eat accordingly, now it’s been neutral, I just eat 4 meals a day, I don’t eat carbs after 7pm, now am at home, so its home food every day, keeping it clean, not eating too much meat, trying to eat clean as much as possible, now our family is growing a lot of food, in the house and in our farm, so it's just been eating clean and training hard.

Another interesting question from a panellist to understand on how is he managing to be grounded in spite of experiencing enormous success? Rana, replied “Success comes with the fact that we are able to create things, we are able to perform, we are able to do something creative consistently and re-invent ourselves, so I think, Being famous is actually a job, its separate from creative arts one do, I think the ethic towards arts will always be at the top in terms of priority , great to enjoy fame at times of success , but that won’t define what you do, otherwise you won’t be able to do versatile things, or look for something else in term to satisfy you apart from just for your love for the job.

CII which is celebrating its 125th year, as a closing gesture to the iconic actor presented him a sketch. Dr. Jalachari thanked him for being so gracious to accept the invite and to be part of the seminar.

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