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Three Kings Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, July 11, 2011 • മലയാളം ]
Three Kings Review
Jayasuriya, Kunchakko Boban, Indrajith, Samvritha Sunil, Sandhya, Ann Augustine
V K Prakash
V K Prakash, Vachan Shetty
Three Kings

After finding his debut hit in 'Gulumal', director V K Prakash seems to be thinking in similar lanes with his new endeavours. His latest '3 Kings' with the leading young stars of Mollywood has a sole purpose to transport you to ha-ha-land for the next two hours. And for that, the crew has resorted to every known antics, ending up in an exploding brainless comedy - with some of the wits emerging genuinely funny, while most of them trying so hard to be funny.

'Three Kings' featuring Indrajith, Kunchakko Boban and Jayasuriya is all  about three cousins  named Bhasi, Ram and Shanku who belong to Krishnapuram palace, which is currently in big debts. But all of them who are of the same age group, born at the same time to three brothers of the family, can't stand each other from their childhood. They are now all set to make fast money by resorting to very different ways. Bhasi who is a cricketer is trying to enter the IPL team, Shanku trying hard to become a telescreen actor, while Ram attempting to make money by participating in reality shows. But the problem with them is that in this race for making it big, each one will also make it sure that the other two will not make a fortune by themselves. Add to the chaos is the three ladies Anju, Ranju and Manju, with whom they are in love. The three girls are  the daughters of their biggest enemy played by Jagathy Sreekuamr, who is trying to buy the palace for himself by hook or crook.

One day when the three cousins lands up in jail, they bumps into an aged convict who unleash a big secret about an old treasure of Krishnapuram, which was stolen by Tippu's soldiers centuries back and is kept safe somewhere in the deep forest in the Karnataka borders. Though the veteran dies the next day, the cousins has managed to get the route map to the treasure from him. Now the threesome is all set to embark on a treasure hunt into the deep forests with their ladies in the back of their motorcycles.

'3 Kings,'written by Y V Rajesh, packs in plenty of laughs, illogical situations and witty one-liners in those two hours. Though the scripts borrows everything available on the comedy shelf and comes up with a plot that may sound silly to a few, it succeeds in its endeavour of making people laugh, at least in places. The dialogues, relying on wit and humour are thoroughly enjoyable, though you must be watchful not to miss many hastily spelled out one liners.The movie can be best enjoyed if you can leave all your thinking caps at home and if you are ready not to look for rationale, answers or reasons. The climax with the double twists is the highpoint of the film, which asks you to go for a repeat watch. Though the entire exercise looks unbelievable with V K Prakash failing to bring in that credibility in some sequences, it seems like an ideal culmination to the story.

In the acting front Indrajith, undoubtedly steals the show with his presentations, while Kunchakko Boban looks the least effective among the three. The ladies has little to do except to go after the heroes and to appear dumb on screen.Ouseppachan's 'Chakkaramavin' is a scream while the rest of the songs are okay. Ace cinematographer Venu has nothing to do in this mockery flick while editor Mahesh Narayanan has filled the frames with maximum effects and animations.

'3 Kings' remains a movie with a lot of lighter entertainment that may not be savoured and relished by every thinking viewer. But if your primary intention is to become a part of an escapist cinema that transports you to a world of make-believe, this one is just that. Just munch your pop corns and have a lighter see.....

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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