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Three Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, October 17, 2008 • Telugu ]
Three Review
Raj India Entertainments
Rishi, Rajiv Kanakala, Urwasi Sharma, Santhichandra, Ravali, Ranganath, Harshavardhan, Benarji, Giridhar, Chaitanya, Kowshal, C.V.L.Narsimha Rao, Allu Ramesh
Shekhar Suri
Phani Raj, G.S.Babu
Vijay Kurakula

It is a common practice in Hollywood to make films based on suspense thriller stories, to terrify the audience. It looks as if some of the Tollywood directors are practicing it on the unwitting Telugu audiences. Once it is a suspense thriller, another time a psychological thriller; the same story has been repeatedly filmed with numerous storylines confusingly amalgamated, they are making films that are tormenting the average spectator.

The suspense thriller 'A Film by Aravind' had brought good recognition for Shekhar Suri as a director. Recently, he directed 'Three' with Rishi, Rajiv Kanakala, Urvashi Sharma, Sharath Chandra and Harsha Vardhan in the main roles, produced on Raj (India) Entertainments Pvt Ltd. Categorised as a Psychological Thriller; the film is produced by Phani Raj. The film is released on the 17th of this month. A review is below to know if it's worth a watch.


Sriram (Rishi) is an employee who works for the National Geographic Channel. Shashi (Kaushik) is his friend who resides along with Sriram in a flat. Sriram meets Nisha (Urvashi Sharma) here. Every night Nisha hears some mysterious screams. One day she tells Sriram that, someone named Shankar is trying to kill her, he is invisible and only his voice is heard. Sriram takes it all easily without giving it a thought.

He gets to meet psychiatrist Harsha (Harsha Vardhan) in a railway station. During their conversation Harsha learns about Nisha. He takes Sriram and Nisha to his senior colleague Dr.Sharath. Sharath (Ranganath) checks with Nisha and concludes that she has some psychological problems.

As a part to investigate her problem Sriram, Nisha and Harsha go to an island. There on the island they meet Nandu (Benarjee) and Rajiv (Rajiv Kanakala). Harsha says that Shankar might have been dead long ago, and his spirit is haunting Nisha. Upon seeing Rajiv, Nisha tells Sriram that he is the Shankar who wants to kill her.

Actually who is this Shankar? Why does he want to kill her? Why is Nisha afraid of Rajiv saying that he is Shankar? The story woven around all these questions has to be watched on screen.

Artists Performance

Urvashi Sharma who played a key role in this psychological thriller, was introduced to silver screen as a heroine through 'Nakab' in Bollywood. 'Three' happens to be her first film in Telugu. Although she doesn't know the language, she has exhibited perfect emotions and gestures while portraying the character of Nisha. We can say that she is the main asset for the film.

Rajiv Kanakala as Rajiv has portrayed different shades of the character very well. Rishi as Sriram, Harsha Vardhan as Harsha, and Sharath Chandra as Shankar are passable. Ranganath as doctor, VijayChandar as father did well within the limits of their demeanours.

Technical values

Photography and Background music are the most important elements for any suspense thriller. In context to visualization and lighting Senthil Kumar has contributed good photography for the film. Sequences created with the use of Helium Balloon lights for the night-effects is spectacular.

Vijay Kurakula who scored tunes for 'A Film by Aravind', has bagged appreciation for his background scores in this film. Editing by BR Tirupathi is flawless but doesn't deliver. Dialogues by HarshaVardhan sounded like the routine ones lacking freshness and punches. There is only one song in the entire film, that is penned by Vanamali, which is good to a certain extent.

Directors Portrayal

Director Shekhar Suri who made an outstanding suspense thriller 'A Film by Aravind', was more focused on the technicality of the film and neglected the importance of story line in making 'Three'. The void of a proper storyline, has miserably failed the director, who could thrill the expecting spectator with only visuals and sound. A taut look into the plot would have made the film an excellent thriller as his former.


Cons in the movie includes erratic and confusing lines of the story; The villa-set constructed in the forest, is clearly visible as an artificial one; The film is nowhere connected to the nativity of Telugu Cinema; Inclusion of more number of incarnations (life after life), made a comic of the so called suspense thriller; Most of the characters in the movie appear to be artificial. Last but not least, film goers were expecting a movie from the maker of `A Film by Arvind' but the movie falls short in not one but many areas.


Shekhar Suri was identified as a good director of suspense thrillers, more so with this venture 'A Film by Aravind'. However, the recent so called psycho-thriller 'Three' has tormented the viewer, with confusion and erratic line of story. The director has neglected the core point - the story of the film, and depended more than needed on the technical aspects. 'Three' is a good lesson to learn that, even if top quality is maintained in technicalities, and if the story is neglected the film will miserably fail the unit. Shekhar Suri might make a real thriller next time which might cope up for the torment rendered to the audience by Three.

Released on: October 17, 2008

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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