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Top 20 Catchiest Songs of 2016-2017: Tollywood Edition

Top 20 Catchiest Songs of 2016-2017: Tollywood Edition

Do you ever just listen to a song and you forget it. But you don’t really forget it because the tunes and some lyrics keep lingering in your mind? If so, you’re at the right place because this is an article about some of the catchiest songs in Telugu movies that just do not get out of your head, yet they’re all pretty good chart-busters!

Without further ado, let’s get to it.

Top 20: Veelipoke Shyamala - A Aa (2016)

The emotional song pulls the strings at your heart and makes you want to miss someone special in your life. This song goes on the tale of explaining about man who is still hung-over about a woman, who he once loved (and still loves and misses)a lot and narrates the story to us. A melodious song that stays in your mind if you just listen to it once.

Top 19: Blockbuster- Sarainodu (2016)

The catchy song makes your want to just dance and release the energy surrounding the song. The song however gets boring after the first two verses and you’ll start waiting for the main part of the song. Which is why the song although catchy stands back here on the list.

Top 18: Athiloka Sundari – Sarainodu (2016)

A song that starts pretty slow but slowly catches up to the rhythm really does get stuck in your mind if you listen to it. The S.S Thaman song is one of the most searched up songs in Google according to trending search data of 2016. The tune really does grab your attention.

Top 17: Velipomaake – Saahasam Swaasaga Saagipo (2017)

The emotional tune starts with just a dry tone and a mono but as soon as the song paces up, the breaking “velipomaake” pulls at your strings. The song has over 5.6 Million views on YouTube. The intense vibes you get from this song linger with you longer than the tune. A classic romantic track which holds in a lot of emotion that doesn’t unfold until the last second.

Top 16: Neetone Dance – Dhruva (2017)

The catchy pop song was introduced to the world just the way Choosa Choosa was. The song really gets stuck in your mind if you just listen to the whole thing once because of the repetitive lyrics and the repetitive tune. A classic pub track. All music and no meaning.

Top 15: Sailaja Sailaja – Nenu Sailaja (2016)

The song lingers in your mind and you can’t quite get rid of the song’s lyrics from your brain. They’re just too catchy and too attention-grabbing. The melody starts with the male singer praising and playfully teasing her with the lyrics. A perfect lover-boy’s anthem if he is looking forward to a relationship with a girl called “Sailaja”.

Top 14: Hamsa Naava – Baahubali 2: The conclusion (2017)

The lullaby-type song starts with a very slow tune and takes you on a fantasy-like journey that finally drops in the dreamland. A song that lifts your soul from your body as the lyrics hit at your emotions and deepest sexually tensed fantasies.

Top 13: Tauba Tauba – Sardar Gabbar Singh (2016)

Just the song-title lyrics are more than enough to remember the whole tune of the song if you’ve heard the song before. The lyrics are easy to roll out of your tongue and the tune is too easy to blend with. The tunes being way too natural for people’s liking and too simple in nature makes the song of the catchiest ones out there.

Top 12: Naannaku Prematho - Naannaku Prematho (2016)

The emotional and sad song makes you cry at times too. Especially the violin solo in the beginning and at the end. The respect and the unspoken truest feelings that a child has towards his\her father, are captured just the right way in this song, making this song to be one of the best emotional musical anthems of 2016.

Top 11: Pranamam - Janata Garage (2016)

The opening song in the movie gives a perfect introduction sabout the life-style of the main lead, just the way you’d like to start your day. You can start your day listening to this song. The melody, the beat, the solo instrumental will keep you motivated throughout the day, making you feel spiritually enriched.

Top 10: Andam Hindolam - Supreme(2016)

The super catchy old retro was remixed to fit into the modern edge and vibe. The song’s tune and lyrics have been pretty much the same. However, the instrumental has been improvised with more modern beats and electronically generated rhythms. The song hooks into your mind just like the original one except, maybe even more, which is why the song stands at no.10 on this list. It is a catchy song however; it’s got its style and vibe from the vintage.

Top 9: Crazy Feeling - Nenu Sailaja (2016)

A song that explains how crazily the singer falls in love with the imaginary female lead. The singer approaches the feeling to be like seventh heaven and he keeps praising the girl of his dreams by comparing her to an angel. The song takes you on a journey of the first most innocent feelings of love from the man’s point of view.

Top 8: Ammadu - Khaidi No.150 (2017)

The song is a pure commercial success with people grooving to the rhythmic beats, catchy lyrics and humming tunes. The song really stays in your head for a VERY long time after giving it a single go. The song makes you want to just get on the dance floor and dance your heart out. The energy and the feel of the song are just unbelievable.

Top 7: Cho