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Trump Talks of 'Automatic Chemistry' with Queen Elizabeth

Tuesday, June 18, 2019 • Common Comments

Donald Trump who celebrated his birthday yesterday has claimed that Queen Elizabeth had the most fun with him in 25 years. The Queen herself has never said anything publicly about politicians. Where he got the evidence to make this statement one doesn’t know, but Trump sure believes that they had the best time. He said: “I had such a great relationship and we were laughing and having fun. Her people told me she hasn't had so much fun in 25 years. Now, then I got criticized for it because they said we were having too much fun. It doesn't matter, but we have a great relationship and I had a great relationship with Charles, and honestly I have a very good relationship with a lot of the foreign leaders.”

Now 25 years is a long time and the Queen has had severable memorable occasions in these years including the Golden and Diamond jubilees on the throne, family weddings, and the victory of her horse at the Royal Ascot in 2013 among many other events. But of course, meeting Trump would be above all that.

Because as he says: “I think I can say I really got to know her because I sat with her many times and we had automatic chemistry, you understand that feeling, it's a good feeling.”

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