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Tuneega Tuneega Music Review

Tuneega Tuneega Music Review
Sri Venkateswara Arts
Sumanth Ashwin
MS Raju
Maganti Ram Chandran
Was it nothing except jangly?
Saturday, June 16, 2012 • Telugu Comments

Tuneega.. Tuneega is a not-so-noteworthy offering from a team that boasts of super hits in the past.  Karthik Raja makes his earnest debut, but he could have taken care not to go the cliched route.  Sans inventiveness, except in the case of Dhoodi Pinja Lanti Pilla and Digu Digu Jabilee, the album is a pretty average one.

Ranjith, Balaji, Karthik, Rita, Tippu, Rahul Nambiar add zing to the album.  Sirivennela Seetharama Shastry, Krishna Chaitanya, and a short ditty by Bhuvana Chandra, make the album sound lyrics-wise.

Mike Testing    Listen here

Artist: Ranjith
Lyricist: Krishna Chaitanya

This is not just a routine intro song but also a typical first song for a first-time hero.  Complete with attitudinal lines, this song tries to project Sumanth Ashwin's debonair personality to the audience.  Ranjith's voice is absolutely up-to-the-mark.  Krishna Chaitanya is at his usual good.  It is Karthik Raja's cacophonous music that is a drag.

Tuneega Tuneega   Listen here

Artist: Balaji
Lyricist: Krishna Chaitanya

It is difficult to comprehend as to what the lyricist is trying to say, though one may respectfully submit that the lyrics are not without taste.  Balaji's vocals are endearing.  It is Karthik Raja's noisy music that is disquieting though.  People have stopped listening to such music long back.

Digu Digu Jabilee   Listen here

Artists: Karthik, Rita
Lyricist: Sirivennela Seetharama Shastry

Like in Manasantha Nuvve, Seetharama Shastry pens beautiful poetry for this song.  Karthik's vocals are heart-touching.  Rita's voice does seem offbeat.  Karthik Raja spins a soothing melody that is sure to haunt the romantics amongst you.

Hats off Oyi Brahma   Listen here

Artist: Tippu
Lyricist: Sirivennela Seetharama Shastry

The hero just saw the girl and started thanking the Creator and his mind-blowing piece of creation.  Despite the neat lyrics of Seetharama Shastry, the song comes across as unnecessarily boisterous.  Tippu's vocals breathe life into this otherwise mediocre musical.

Pedavanchullo Prema   Listen here

Artist: Rahul Nambiar
Lyricist: Krishna Chaitanya

Karthik Raja serves the purpose of improvising on Illayaraja's music.  This song is a throwback to the music that flew from Kollywood in the 80s.  Rahul Nambiar's vocals and Krishna Chaitanya's lyrics elevate the short ditty.

Ahista Ahista   Listen here

Artists: Karthik, Rita
Lyricist: Sirivennela Seetharama Shastry

Just as Rita's I.. Love.. You.. seems to drag forever, the number too seems to plumb new musical depths.  What a colossal waste of Seetharama Shastry's talent, as we make a vain bid to make sense of the words!  One wants to say that Karthik Raja should not have been told that the hero in the film is a musician.

Dhoodi Pinja Lanti Pilla   Listen here

Artist: Rahul Nambiar
Lyricist: Krishna Chaitanya

Quite an enjoyable number, Karthik Raja here makes melancholy a light enterprise.  Sans cacophonous music, Dhoodi Pinja.. is poetic both lyrically and musically.  Krishna Chaitanya's lyrics are refreshing.  Rahul Nambiar's clear voice doesn't have a hint of melodramatic overtones.  One would want to listen again and again.

Merise Ningi   Listen here

Lyricist: Bhuvana Chandra

This rustic song is folkish.  The chorusal character has a tinge of the '80s music to it.