Unknown facts about Netflix's SQUID GAME

We know it is your latest obsession so brought you some fun facts about this popular series

Decade of wait

Creator Hwang Dong-hyuk began working on the script in 2008 and was rejected for 12 years

Original name

Squid games was originally called "Six Rounds" when Netflix announced the series in 2019


Ji-yeong, the woman who sacrificed herself for Sae-byeok, was formerly created as a male character.


Squid games was first created as a feature film

Real Doll

The eerie oversized doll from the first episode of the show is real and can be found in Jincheon County, north of Seoul

Phone Number

The phone number in the first episode of the show is real and belongs to a man who said he received about 4,000 calls a day

Similar show

After Squid game's success other similar Japanese thriller series "Alice in Borderland" and Korean drama "Sweet Home" are trending on Netflix

Instagram sensation

It girl Jung Ho-yeon gained millions of followers and is now the most-followed Korean actress.


The masks the guards wore were inspired by traditional Korean masks called "Hahoetal" and fencing masks

Game technique

Gi-hun's technique of licking the dalgona, or honeycomb candy, to remove the shape was a technique he used as a kid.