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Uppi 2 Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, August 15, 2015 • Kannada ]
Uppi 2 Review
Upendra, Kristina Akiva, Parul Yadav, SayyajiShinde, Shobaraj, Tennis Krishna, Bank Janardhan, Chetan, Biradar and others.
Priyanka Upendra

Title - UPPI 2, Banner = Upendra Productions, Producer - Smt Priyanka Upendra, Direction - Upendra, Music - Gurukiran, Cinematography - Ashok Cashyap, Cast = Upendra, Kristina Akiva, Parul Yadav, Sayyaji Shinde, Shobaraj, Tennis Krishna, Bank Janardhan, Chetan, Biradar and others. `Life is full of internal dramas, instantaneous and sensational, played to an audience. So many people go through life without a direction. They just go from stop to stop. It's like they are on a bus. The process of living is the process of reacting to stress. The art of living is the art of knowing how to live. Many leaders of this universe have told several things on living in present. Upendra in the first half of `Uppi 2' has showed brilliantly with good home work in the script but falls flat in the second half with routine confusing tactics. He is so divine in the first half to the masses. He reaches a class. He makes the brain to think on his theory. Giving finishing touch to his topic is a grave problem for him. Hastily ended the film with routine commercial formula elements.

In the first half Upendra raises your eye brows. He speaks to the world audience. The psychological, typical thought is of course applicable at the outset. Human beings live without the past and future in mind he emphasizes. This Utopian (Imaginary) theory in `Uppi 2' discussed is amazing. Upendra has stopped in the theory he has built and goes for box office plays it to the gallery. He knows the trick of the trade from last two and half decades. Whether the second half is able to hold the same attention? You would know the answer when you buy the ticket.

Upendra touched on `Naanu' (I) in `Upendra' Kannada cinema and now he is with `Neenu' (You). The `You' he addresses is the truth. For living in the temperament of no past and future in mind, present life is important he stresses that is not strenuous. For the working class that earns today and lives today, the theory of Upendra is perfectly suitable. How about for corrupt people who pile up bank balance? There are enough of contents with situations making the theory is correct. This is first half-the villains, lady love, police and family surround this `Neenu'. Upendra is admired by Khushi (Kristina Akiva) a student of psychology.

It is at the entry of Parul Yadav the reality of this `Neenu' (Upendra) opens up. We move on to the Himalayas. He is a big racketeer. He is behind money. There is an operator from foreign country to the fishy deals. Upendra is controlled by mafia. How the police, mafia and local opponents are handled-it reminds a few of the already seen Upendra films.

It is `Class' in the first half and `Mass' in the second half. Upendra holding responsibilities of story, screenplay, lyrics, and dialogues plus in the lead role definitely puts a question when you go out from the theatre. Live in `Present' is what you start discussing in your mind. This is the theory needed to some extent in our environment.

Master of dialogues and acting in his unique style Upendra has struggled hard but that is not enough you would say for the second half. Kristina Akhiva is brilliant. She has that beauty and brain to emote well. Parul Yadav effort is reduced to table chat and a song. Bank Janardhan, Tennis Krishna, Nagaraja Murthy, Sri, Tumkur Mohan rendered good support.

There are several tactics brought in for screening of this film `Uppi 2'. The screen goes blank two times for a few seconds - it is making the audience to conclude what for it is done like that. The reverse style of title card is another Uppi style. There are wonderful locations, productions values are on top, costumes are mesmerizing, editing is quick in this 135 minutes and 39 seconds `Uppi 2'. Cameraman Ashok Cashyap struggle is seen in every frame. He has used proper lighting and effects are very well added in the technical rooms.

Gurukiran has made it to the gallery in his music. Excuse Me Please song....Uppittu title song....Ivanyaro different are terrific. They are beautifully captured on screen. History is considered as `Dead Stock', what is today is truth before your eyes, what is tomorrow is destiny. You can watch this film to make adjustments to live in `Present'. Score - 7/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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