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Uppukandam Brothers Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, June 24, 2011 • മലയാളം ]
Uppukandam Brothers Review
Srikanth, Honeyrose, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Jagathy, Harishree Ashokan, Richard, Jagadheesh, Babu Antony, Baiju, Rajmohan Unnithan, Seema, Vani Viswanath
TS Suresh Babu
Uppukandam Brothers Back In Action

After witnessing almost a dozen of sequels to Mollywood hits, the notion  in the minds of a regular moviegoer about the reasons to create a sequel to a hit film will be just one thing; to kill the interest that they had on the original and to daunt them while on cinema halls. Such is the case with all the recent sequels including `Kasargod kadarbhai 2' to the most recent `Uppukandam Brothers: Back in action'.

A movie that could not have definitely been made, one wonders what could be the reason for making such a waste flick with hardly any highlights. It is high time for the industry to think about the harms with these type of  projects, that are being made just because someone, due to ignorance about the industry, is there to fund it. If these are the movies,  going to be  made again and again, no one may wonder about the imminent ill fate that will end the commercial prospects of the Mollywood cinema.

Continuing with the innumerable number of plots weaved around family feuds, `Uppukandam Brothers: Back in action' also has one like it's original. Here it is  Uppukandam Bobby (played by Tamil actor Srikanth in another most disastrous debut role) in feud with Srambikkal Sathyanesan (Rajmohan Unnithan) who is ready to go to any extent to take revenge on the  members of Uppukandam family, who killed his only brother. When  Bobby is having a merry time with his trusted aides (horrible comedy track by Harishree Ashokan and Suraj Venjaaramoodu) engaging into fisticuffs with local goondas, dealing childishly with the corrupt panchayath president (Jagathy Sreekuamr) and gambling in the local club, Ettuveettil Ganeshan (Richard), another son of a rival family, joins Sathyaneshan in the fight against Uppukandam.

Then there are many more sequences mocking the intellect of the viewers including the love track of Bobby with the doctor girl (Honey rose) to the interesting out of the blue arrivals of Babu antony and Jagadheesh, just to save their nephew and sister, whenever they are in trouble.No GPS systems seems to work better than their ability to locate and get into the area of troubles. The share of formulaic elements which falter big time are also numerous.

The absurd dialogues, mostly yelled by Rajmohan Unnithan and Richard could well go for the awards for the worst written dialogues for a movie, this year. And there is plenty of action, which turns out into big comedies due to the shooting locations which defy gravity.

Sreekanth cuts a sorry figure for selecting this poor movie as a  debut vehicle in Mollywood. The only actor in the castlines who seems to have held tight to her assignments seems to be Vani Viswanth, who appears as Kochammini, the elder sister of Uppukandam family who alone could tame Bobby. The technical sides are also in tune with the quality of the movie.

All in all-this `Uppukandam brothers: back in action' is surely not your film, even for a time pass

Bottomline: The director Sureshbabu and scriptwriter Reji mathew, must definitely be advised to take rest for a while watching the good DVD's of best films of the nation for at least a six months, or else they are bound to comeback with more dreadful things than this.


Rating: 0 / 5.0

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