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Uttama Villain (aka) Uthama Villain Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, April 27, 2015 • Tamil ]
Uttama Villain (aka) Uthama Villain Review
Thirrupathi Brothers, Raajkamal Films International
Kamal Haasan,Jayaram, AndreaJeremiah, PoojaKumar, Nassar, K.Viswanath
Ramesh Arvind
N.Subash Chandra Bose

It's been two years since Kamal Haasan gave us the Blockbuster hit ‘Vishwaroopam’ and it is worth the long wait for fans of pure cinema who crave for different movie experience, here comes ‘Uttama Villain’ another  masterpiece from the one and only Ulaganayagan who touches new depths in Screenwriting.

The story is very simple and no spoiler alert is necessary as it is the telling of the story that is unique in ‘Uttama Villain’. Manoranjan(Kamal Haasan) is the number one commercial superstar in Tamil cinema who was mentored by class director Margadarsi(KB), but for the past twenty five years is acting in mindless commercial films produced by his father-in-law (K. Viswanath).  Manoranjan has it all a doting wife (Urvashi) an adolescent son (Manohar) and an affair with a doctor Arpana (Andrea). Everything comes to a standstill as two different incidents occur at the same time that completely change  Manoranjan ‘s life and his view of it.

Manoranjan goes to his guru Margadarsi and begs him to make a film based on his screenplay and after some reluctance the director agrees to make ‘Uttama Villain’ in which the Theiyam artiste Uttaman (Kamal Haasan) who escapes from the jaws of death many times due to some divine intervention and he becomes a legend as Mritunjayan or the one who is immortal. An evil King Mutharasan (Nasser), who gains the Kingdom after killing the King, who is his brother in law and imprisons the princess after attempting to marry her. Mutharasan learns from astrologers that his life is in danger and hence brings Uttaman in the hope of extracting his immortality. What happens to Uttaman and Manoranjan  is told parallel in the screenplay that leads to a riveting climax.

Kamal Haasan oozes charisma as Manoranjan the film superstar who also acts in real life to everyone until the change comes when he begins to show his human side.  The scene where Manoranjan and his daughter meet is a lesson on how to act subtly in an extremely emotional scene. The final scenes when Manoranjan reconciles with everyone in his life is something no other actor could have done so realistically. As Uttaman Kamal is innocence personified and ensures that there are many laughs until the climax when he brilliantly outwits Mutharasan.  Balachander is there in the entire story and leaves a lasting imprint and so does K.Viswanath. Urvashi gives a realistic performance as the star wife.
The promising Parvathi Menon delivers a stunning performance as the illegitimate daughter and matches up to the genius Kamal in every scene they are together. Nasser as the shabby and cruel King Mutharasan completely outshines everyone in the film within the film, including Kamal Haasan. Pooja Kumar’s acting is good as the princess Karpagavalli but looks more like a Greek princess than a Tamil one. M.S.Bhaskar as Manoranjan’s man Friday is terrific. Andrea fails to impress even though she is given a meaty role. Jayaram has very little screen time, but is adequate. Newcomer Ashwin as Manoranjan’s son gives a good account of himself.

In ‘Uttama Villain’ screenwriter Kamal Haasan touches new depths as he talks about immortality. There is a deep contrast in the lives of Manoranjan  and his screen persona Uttaman , which is true in the case of  any artiste who lives on through his creations long after his time. Dialogues are sharp and witty and evoke laughs at regular intervals. Ghibran’s music is the lifeblood of ‘Uttama’ Villain and the song ‘Kadhala’ is pleasing to the ears. Shamdat’s camera and Vijay Shankar’s editing all work seamlessly to give a wondrous movie watching experience and kudos to Ramesh Arvind for attempting to bring Kamal’s dream to the screen and succeeding to a great extent. Thirupathi Brothers can take pride for ‘Uttama Villain’ coming from their stable.

The two hour thirty two minutes runtime becomes noticeable as the pace of the screenplay drops many a time.  Uttaman’s get up and the eighth century episodes remind one of Vadivelu‘s ‘Tenaliraman’ and makes us wonder whether a superstar would choose such a story to be his swan song.

Some films you applaud, some you whistle and hoot , but audience’s appreciation of ‘Uttama Villain’(read Kamal Haasan) is expressed through the tears in their eyes as they leave the theatre. A question does arise whether Kamal Haasan’s ingenuity would reach all sections of the audiences, but still for the lovers of cinema ‘Uttama Villain will find a place in their hearts as one of Ulaganayagan’s best efforts.

Verdict: 3.75/5

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