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Uu Kodatara Ulikki Padatara Music Review

Uu Kodatara Ulikki Padatara Music Review
Manchu Entertainments
Balakrishna, Manchu Manoj
Shekar Raja
Lakshmi Prasanna
Deja vu -This defines UKUP
Tuesday, June 12, 2012 • Telugu Comments

Much like the title, the music is a bit bewildering.  Not that it is bad, but Bobo seems to have got the trick wrong yet again, after Bindaas.  R Ramu as a lyricist has done a fairly good job, while the album packs some familiar voices.  Unfamiliar voices are more in number.

The album has different shades of music, but, in the end, it seems all Bobo-fied.

Anuragame Harathulaye    Listen here

Artists: Karthik, Anwesha
Music: Vidyasagar
Lyricist: R Ramu

The song's melodious feel is good, though it is inspired from some numbers of the same genre.  Vidyasagar's song comes as a whiff of fresh air in this album.  R Ramu's lyrics do not offer anything new, but Anwesha's vocals remind us of Shreya Ghoshal.  As of Karthik, he is at his usual best.

Abbabba Abbabba    Listen here

Artists: Ramee, Nrithya, Janani, Rita, Ramya
Music: Bobo Shashi
Lyricist: R Ramu

Inspired is the world that would best define this song.  It could be set anywhere - from the club to the habitat of a primitive tribe.  Ramee, Nrithya, Janani, Rita and Ramya do not make impression mainly because of their vocals are lost in our attempts at making sense of Ramu's lyrics, and counting the number of inspirations.

Prathi Kshanam Narakame    Listen here

Artists: Ramee, Tupakeya, G-Arulaz
Music: Bobo Shashi
Lyricist: R Ramu

The song could be a situational one in the film.  Ramu's lyrics sound new.  Bobo Shashi's experimentation ends up as another unconcealed 'rehash' endeavour.  The vocals were not very interesting.  the song could have done away with the heavy instrumentation.

Hai Re Hai    Listen here

Artists: Ranjith, MLR, Karthik, Senthil, Sam, Sormuki
Music: Bobo Shashi
Lyricist: R Ramu

It would have greatly helped the song had it been composed in a regular style.  True to his grain, Bobo has uglified the otherwise normal song with his trademark style of minimalist exaggeration.  The very many male voices were not needed.  Ramu is, again, a winner.  Overall, Hai Re Hai is enjoyable.

Adhi Ani Idhi Ani    Listen here

Artists: Haricharan, Prasanthini
Music: Bobo Shashi
Lyricist: R Ramu

Wonder why the music director wants to embellish song of every genre with Western influences - whether suitable or not.  The unwise instrumentation is just jarring.  The song is lost very soon.  Ramu's lyrics are just about ok.

Are You Ready    Listen here

Music: Bobo Shashi
Lyricist: R Ramu

Every compartment in the song was tried by some other musician in the past.  One wonders where is the need for this one.  All the same, it mirrors the makers' poverty of imagination.