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Vanitha and Kasthuri's heated argument with insensitive words on Twitter!

Monday, July 20, 2020 • Tamil Comments

Actress Vanitha Vijayakumar had recently got married to Peter Paul, and this had become a sensational topic on the internet, with many people speaking out on the same, including producer Ravindar Chandrasekar, Kasthuri and Lakshmi Ramakrishnan.

Recently, Lakshmi Ramakrishnan and Vanitha Vijayakumar had an argument where the former was targeted with abusive words. Following this, actress Kasthuri expressed her support to Lakshmi, tweeting "My heart bleeds for you @LakshmyRamki . Please do not engage with cheap kuzhayadi sandai people. @vanithavijayku1 , You are really making this so bad for yourself. Take a standpoint- Hypocrite Vanitha is guilty of cyber abuse , attacking the modesty of a woman, and defamation. She filed police case on surya Devi for abusing her, She has done the exact same offence toward madam Lakshmy Ramakrishnan . She can be arrested."

After this tweet from Kasthuri, Vanitha slammed Kasthuri with tweets targeting her personally, as she tweeted "Going on YouTube trying to act like a saint and role playing as lawyer and judge is against law when it is not legal platform just to create a publicity stunt probing into someone's personal is the cheapest possible creature @KasthuriShankar @LakshmyRamki lay off ur drama". Kasthuri replied "Look who is talking. Take your private life off youtube then talk. Hypocrite. Stop your cyber abuse, whole world saw your potty mouth against madam Lakshmi. No TV show friends here to conveniently edit out your expletives. You are exposing yourself, no one else is to blame." Vanitha hit back tweeting "You can't take off your nude pictures off internet can u...@KasthuriShankar u think ur perfect just because no one is bothered about ur boring sick life..and all ur butting into politics and acting like some experienced lawyer or journalist..when it doesn't involve u the Decent Thing to do is stay away." Finally, Vanitha blocked Kasthuri and announced it with a tweet.

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