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Varalaxmi on 'Sarkar', politics & equations with Vishal

Wednesday, October 31, 2018 • Telugu Comments

Varalaxmi on Sarkar, politics & equations with Vishal

Varalaxmi Sarathkumar awaits the release of 'Sarkar' on November 6.  In this interview, she talks about her role in the movie, the plagiarism controversy, equations with Vishal and more.  

You haven't done a straight Telugu movie so far.  Why so?

I have got many opportunities from Telugu.  But I found none of them exciting enough.  It's not like I don't want to do Telugu movies.  In Tamil, the movies that I have done so far tell that I am inclined to do only distinct roles.  I have busied myself doing Malayalam and Kannada as well.  I haven't found enough time to focus on Telugu.  With 'Pandem Kodi-2', I have made an entry in Telugu.  I will be seen in Vijay's 'Sarkar'.  I can say that my journey here has started.

What brings you towards negative roles?

As an actor, I want to do all kinds of roles.  If I find something interesting, I will play a villain or a supporting artist.  In 'Pandem Kodi-2', it was a full-fledged negative role.  In 'Sarkar', I will be seen as a politician.  

What kind of a role is it in 'Sarkar'?

AR Murugadoss garu usually pens strong roles.  You will see me in a strong role in the Diwali release.  I am smart and I won't tell you what my role in the movie is (laughs). 'Sarkar' drives home the message that every vote is valuable.  My character has a role in conveying the film's central theme.

How do you see the whole controversy surrounding 'Sarkar'?

The stories written by Murugadoss and Varun Rajendran are somewhat similar.  That said, Murugadoss didn't lift the story from the latter.  It has been decided to thank him during titles.  

You have dubbed your voice in Vishal's movie.  It's not easy for a newcomer in a language.  What made you take the bold step?

I believe that the emotions of a character can be best conveyed if the actor lends his or her own voice.  Moreover, I felt my voice will sound new.  It was a challenging and exciting experience to dub in Telugu.

When can we expect a movie with your dad?

I am doing 'Panban' with my father.  This is my first film as an actor with him.  I will be seen as a police officer.  

The #MeToo movement has gained traction.  Tell us about that.

I shared the ugly experience that I faced more than a year ago.  The #MeToo movement is letting other women share their stories.  It's good that what began in the US two years ago is now happening in India.  The movement revolves around the concept of naming and shaming the perpetrators.  It can instill fear in the wrong-doers.  The victims in south India are not so active.  It's hoped that sexual harassment as a malaise will come down in a generation's time.  There is a need for everyone from every field to come out.  Those who claim that there are no sexual harassment issues in the film industry are telling lies.  Even yesteryear actresses need to come out in the open.

What about your equations with Vishal?

I am not dating him and don't ask me about his marriage.  Who am I to comment about his marriage?  As a friend, I would advise him to marry the right girl.  Neither of us has the intention to get married to each other.  It would be good if it's said loud and clear by the media that we are not going to get married.  

How do you see yourself 15 years down the line?

I will be a politician for sure.  I admire Jayalalithaa garu a lot.  As a woman, she was an able administrator and ruled the state independently.  Anybody can join politics.  If everyone cynically rubbishes politics as a murky world, who is going to clean it up?

What is your opinion on Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan in politics?

They can speak what they want.  But we will know who is more efficient in walking the talk only in the future.