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Varna Epitomizes The Warrior Anushka Is: Team Varna
Friday, November 15, 2013 • Telugu Comments

For a special creation, its imperative that the team would have to walk that extra mile to achieve the desired output. And the hard work should flow from the top. For a film, it means the 'Above the line' cast and crew. The much touted VFX extravaganza 'Varna', Anushka did the pivotal job not just on the screen but off it too, says the team which is floored by her dedication and focus to deliver.

Anushka is playing a dual role, that of an innocent girl on one hand and on the other, that of a warrior queen on fire. The second role needed humongous efforts from the actress and that’s exactly what she had given them.

Major portion of the filming of the period stuff was done in Georgia for about 90 days in a place deprived of basic amenities, in minus degrees Temperature. But instead of sulking like a typical starlet, she not only adjusted to the available facilities but also motivated the others on a daily basis to keep up their spirits and do their job.

The Team Varna was in all praise for the actress for her magnanimity and wished the movie a great success that could be a great tribute to her workmanship. Varna is releasing across the world in over 1200 screens on the 22nd November.

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