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Vedam Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, June 4, 2010 • Telugu ]
Vedam Review
Arka Media Works Pvt. Ltd.,
Allu Arjun, Manoj Kumar, Anushka, Nagayya, Manoj Bajpai, Deeksha Seth, Lekha Washington, Siya Gowtam, Satyam Rajesh, Brahmanandam, Saranya, Ravi Prakash, Pruthvi, Posani Krishna Murali, Krish and others
Radhakrishna Jagarlamudi
Prasad Devineni & Shobu Yarlagadda
MM Keeravani

From the director of 'Gamyam', comes another meaningful story 'Vedham'. Audience in search of wisdom, your ultimate stop is here. Readers, if this review goes a little long, it is only that appreciation to this movie has no bounds. Krish has done a flawless job that will make the audience sit at the edge of the seat for most of the time.

With this movie, Tollywood goes to the next level. The level from commercial cinema to meaningful cinema! Krish has already announced his arrival with `Gamyam' and now he has cemented his place with `Vedam'.

The Characters

'Vedam' is the story of 6 people. All the people involved are introduced individually. First in the list is Manchu Manoj as Vivek Chakravarthy who's introduced with a title as 'Rocking Star'. He is a rock star in the movie and a song showing him as a rock star appears soon after the title of the movie. He along with his girl friend Lasya (Lekha Washington) and their gang set up a rock band in Bangalore. They go to Hyderbad for a performance.

Next is Nagayya as Ramulu, an old man from Lingampally, is introduced along with his daughter in law Saranya. They are illiterates who face serious financial problems. They are in debt to Patel who has Saranya's son captive. Only upon paying the debt, the son would be set free. The only solution is to sell a kidney of Saranya that takes the old man and his daughter in law to Hyderbad.

Next scene is a 'basthi' (slum) in Jubilee hills, Hyderbad. Allu Arjun as 'Cable Raju' is introduced.  He's educated yet works as a cable boy who doesn't pay his boss. He fakes his life as a rich brat and makes his filthy rich girl friend believe the same. He needs money to impress his girl friend.

In this list of 6 people, the fifth in the line is Manoj Bajpai as Rahim Qureshi. A bitter past in a Hindu Muslim fight, his pregnant wife loses the foetus before birth. A small misunderstanding with a cop has him in a black list. He is a good man and a beloved husband yet in the bad books of the police.

The last in the list is Anushka who's Saroja, a prostitute. She knows no other way of living. She along with her friend, `Karpooram', a eunuch, wants to get out of the prostitute house they work for. They want to set up on their own.

The Plot

This is a classic movie that will go in to history no doubt! IndiaGlitz appreciates the director, Krish for making such a meaningful movie. Only a gist is given and nothing more. After the introduction of all characters, the plot takes place on 31st night. Every character is associated with Hyderbad. This one night is life changing for all the 6 persons and the people associated with them.

Parallel to the lives of these 6 people, a gang of terrorists plot a plan to massacre innocent citizens in the name of `Jihad'. How these people are related and how the others in the hospital, who are held as hostages by the terrorists, are saved, forms the terrific remainder of this paramount story.

The hero of the movie.

The screenplay and it is the hero! The introduction of all characters is done one by one. It is a simple yet powerful screenplay. The characterization of all characters is sketched carefully in such a way that the script is not dominated. Given the images of Allu Arjun and Manchu Manoj, the script emerges greater.

'Vedam' Dialogues are exemplary and compliment the screenplay.

The screenplay is crisp thanks to the editor Sravan. The way the story is narrated by Krish is just amazing and any word above that will go to him. No lag in script and that is one sign of a classy movie maker. Kudos to him and his editor!

The next important technician is the cinematographer VS Gnana Sekhar. His camera has captured all those intense scenes excellently particularly a few scenes on the highway when Manoj and his band are on their way to Hyderbad from Bangalore.

M M Keeravani's music and rerecording are remarkable. Looks like he saves his best for the best! Elegant work from the veteran, his music is definitely an asset.


Starting from the order of appearance in the movie- Manoj as an actor will cherish the character he has portrayed in `Vedam' all through his career. He has been shown as an intelligent guy who has an ambition. Manoj has pulled of a decent job. Interestingly when his name appeared in the titles, his character was described as special appearance as subscript.

Allu Arjun as a cable guy would equally feel happy to have bagged such a role. His screen presence is a little more than Manoj, his character demands it. Allu Arjun has evolved as an actor yet his expressions could be better. In fact Manchu Manoj and Allu Arjun come on the screen together only for a few seconds and that too in the climax.

Manoj Bajpai has brought out a terrific performance and his performance is the pick of the lot. Anushka has done a decent job. All other actors have done a great job but a lame member of the audience would feel there were too many characters involved yet the script emerges winner.

IndiaGlitz Verdict

Reiterating the point that Krish has taken Tollywood to the next level, his `Vedam' is a genesis that other film makers will start to contemplate about. He has touched every aspect of life be it religion or money and carefully conveyed a message about good living. This movie is a clear winner and any rating will only be too less. Hats off Radha Krishna!

Released on: 4th June, 2010

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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