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Veera Parampare Review

Veera Parampare Review
Sudeep, Ambarish, Aindrita Ray, Vijayalakshmi Singh
S. Narayan
S Narayan

Veera Parampare

IndiaGlitz [Saturday, October 30, 2010 • Kannada] Comments

One of the very few dexterous directors of Kannada cinema knows pretty well how the combination of top stars Ambarish and Sudeep should work out. He has measured well, served well and prepared well in his home banner's lavish venture.

Although S Narayan does not take the credit for the story in the departments of Screenplay, dialogues, lyrics, music, direction and production he has no shortfalls. He has given the required contents for a commercial pattern of cinema at his best. He could have reduced the action scenes that would have eventually made the movie crisper. To show the power of two, not many occasions are required to explain.

However the lavishly made film with glorious values, the biggest venture from S Narayan has handled the two top stars with great ability.

In the village, the domination of Varade Gowda (Ambarish) is always for good and he cannot tolerate injustice. There is no police in the village. Teja (Sudeep) stays from the childhood considering Varade Gowda as `God', is the strong force behind every activity. Varade Gowda is extremely happy with his devotee Teja who has been guarding since 18 years and remaining like a shadow.

Director S Narayan in showcasing the affection of the two top stars has prepared lovely scenes. This is what the audience would react and keep the film in high standards. The affinity is so good between Varade Gowda and Teja that one day Varade Gowda declares Teja as his son and he is generation next to him.

With so much of bondage on the one side director S Narayan brings in the rabble rousers. It is Byre Gowda (Sudeep Tho) who is looking for the head of Varade Gowda. He has battalion of trouble mongers. When the hundreds of agricultural land do not go in the way of Byre Gowda, the clash mounts and titans Varade Gowda and Teja take on lots of troubles.

The action scenes are brilliant, screenplay is good one for a commercial cinema. Songs are well placed and comedy by Sharan is another kicking point.

There is a good competition between Ambarish and Sudeep in emotional scenes. Ambarish especially when he explains why he considers Sudeep as his son, opening the shirt of Teja shows the acting ability of 200 plus films actor. When his `Devru' is sleeping in the car, Sudeep putting on AC closing the doors and bashing up dozen goons who come to kill Varade Gowda - it is nothing but a fabulous commercial sequence. There are many scenes like this that showcase the bondage.

Sudeep looks very good on the screen from his earlier films. With a highly talented director he has, surrendered himself and given excellent performance.

Ambarish would have another ordinary role everyone expected but this one is his one of the best in his career. In the song of soil Ambarish could easily keep it in his house. Like how Huttidare Kannada Nadalli Hutta for `Annavru' Dr Rajakumar the song in `Veera Parampare' for Ambarish will be an evergreen song.

Aindrita Ray has super screen presence, lovely looks and dancing ability is another treat from this film. Vijayalskhmi Singh in the emotional role, Sharan in the comedy render good support.

Nanna top of all. Thangaliyalli thelihodhe.and Ayyoyyo Ishta.are well tuned by director S Narayan.

R Giri is fabulous in his camera work. The angles he has worked for heightening the scenes is what makes the audience to go again and watch this film.

A mass entertainer `Veera Parampare' in that director S Narayan mesmerizes action lovers and fans of Ambarish and Sudeep.

Scoring 8/10

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