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'Victory 75'
Thursday, October 31, 2013 • Kannada Comments

One of the strongest hits in the box office this year ‘Victory’ in the debut direction of Nandakishore for SRS Media of Anand Audio celebrated 75 days of the successful run on Wednesday night at Bangalore International Hotel.

The technicians were honored first with trophies of ‘Victory 75’ with Sharan standing photo also signaled that it is ‘Sharan’ mainly responsible for success of the film.

Presenting the trophy to technicians MS Ramesh senior director said it is only ability, capacity and sincerity in the work would lead to such success.

Presenting the trophies to actors veteran actor in comedy roles, politician Jaggesh who is also voice over artist in the beginning of ‘Victory’ cinema felt extremely happy for his brand of actor Sharan doing well. He should also observe ‘Jackie Chan’ said Jaggesh. Very calculative and sincere effort of Anand audio is also point to be noted said Jaggesh. In this cinema industry the success is possible because of 60 percent luck and 40 percent effort.

It is the effort and support that made this film successful today said Sharan of 101 Kannada films. The major support came from Jaggesh. He agreed to do voice over for the film by just one phone call from my side said Sharan.

Anand Audio Mohan Chabria is seeing the fortune of 100 days of ‘Victory’ in Mysore Gayathri theatre.