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Vidya Balan: I was restless before marriage
Thursday, February 27, 2014 • Hindi Comments

The vixenish vivid and undiminished talent Vidya Balan is on cloud nine it’s been raining awards and rewards for Vidya Balan these days.  Having won the Padmashri, the b-town bombat babe Vidya is now looking forward to her upcoming film Shaadi Ke Side Effects opposite Farhan Akhtar.  The film is about the discord between married couples told in a humorous way. However Vidya reveals that there are side effects in her marriage as yet and she is enjoying life after marriage. Here the actress opens up candidly with indiaglitz on the film and her life after marriage.

What are the side effects of your marriage

I have been married for 14 months and the side effects are good for me. I think I would recommend marriage to everyone . They have all been positive effects.

Do you feel directors are approaching you with roles of a married woman since you are married now

I don’t think so, because my first film was Parineeti where I am shown as a married woman, so it does not change my status now.

How similar is this role to Ghanchakkar where you played a housewife

In Ghanchakkar my character was garish and over the top and loud.  In Shaadi Ke Side Side Effect she is not loud. She is very expressive. She is a regular working woman in an urban two income household. It is very relatable because I have seen so many couples around me.

Did you have to prepare for the role

I didn’t have to prepare much and I have been just married so we didn’t have any fights.  If you watch the film you will find resonance with people you know. I was chuckling when I was watching the film.  I think director Saket Choudhary has done a wonderful job and has sneaked into people house and heard every argument they have had.

How was it working with Farhan Akhtar for the first time and had you seen Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

He was so amazing in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag he deserved all the accolades and awards.  It was great fun working with him because he loves to laugh and make people laugh.  I was the best scapegoat he ever found. He has a sharp mind and I am glad I was cast opposite him.

Do you think marriage amongst actors don’t work because you get diverted easily when you meet so many people in life

No not really.  If you are insecure and unhappy in your relationship your mind can get diverted easily.  In happy situations it helps you work better.  Marriage has brought certain clarity and calmness in me and helped me concentrate on my work better. Earlier I was very restless.

Restlessness earlier

I don’t know how to explain. I would get very angry when people would ask me when you are settling down.  I used to think of ten different things I had to do and it would be constantly run in my mind. As I said marriage has calmed me down.  Now I know that the ten different things I have in my mind will be down at their own pace. I am enjoying life more now.

Are you a dominating housewife

I am not dominating nor am I a pushover.

Did you watch Saket Choudhary’s earlier film Pyaar Ke Side Effects

I enjoyed the film and the vocabulary of the film. I liked the way he dealt with the humour in the film.

What do you think about flirting after marriage, do you agree with it

To each his own. Flirting is healthy as long as you know where to draw the line. If you have a laugh it’s fine.  It shouldn’t make you or others around you uncomfortable.

Do you think opportunities at work are getting better after marriage

Marriage has nothing to do with it. I don’t think they are looking at me that way. The offers started coming in much before marriage. It’s just that everybody has realized it now.