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Vidya Balan to go candid on relationships..
Wednesday, October 3, 2012 • Hindi Comments

B-town box office queen Vidya Balan follows her heart and we are all proud of that.

Now the lady has decided to come out in open and discuss what she feels about relationships in metros... thanks to a journalist turned novelist Munmun Ghosh... Coming Friday Vidya - the diva will express her feelings on relationships as she launches Munmun Ghosh’s  ‘UNHOOKED’ in Mumbai.

Vidya will not only launch the novel but will also read excerpts from it and share her views with the media and the audience.. Vidya love for literature with substance is a known fact... the b-town lady who takes time before giving her nod... be it films or anything else asked the author Munmun to send her the book to her .. After reading it and finding similarities with people around him in the novel Vidya agreed... Says Vidya," I loved UNHOOKED.

The cover intrigued me, and once I started reading the book, I could not put it down. In a certain sense, I identified with the book, not just through my personal experiences, but with what I have watched of people around me, especially girls in the media and the metros, whom I interact with all the time.

There’s so much pressure today on girls to have boyfriends. People look at you as if you are diseased if you don’t have one. And you are made to feel depressed on special days.

I have gone through it too. People almost look down upon you if you are a virgin after a certain age, which is upsetting.

What’s the hurry? There’s a lifetime to have sex and if you can wait and have it with someone you really like you’d enjoy it so much more.

I think the pressure to be a couple, to change one’s single status pushes so many people into wrong relationships. And that’s the reason so many relationships are breaking today."

Vidya strongly believes that the choice should be free without any barriers and pressure and adds, " I was single for a long time and was asked about it. I would say I enjoy being single. Also, maybe because I led a full professional life, I didn’t feel the pressure much.

I have lots of single friends. One of my friends got married at 43 and lost her virginity, that’s how she chose it and while reading UNHOOKED, I felt as if I were reading her story.

Also, if you want to have a romp every weekend, that too is fine. One must be free to choose." UNHOOKED is the second novel by Munmun Ghosh, HUSHED VOICES, her first novel that was published in 2005 delved into the lives of the marginalized classes of Mumbai.

In UNHOOKED, she explores the metro phenomenon of intellectual mating between the sexes and its repercussions.

Needless to add we all are waiting for our Dear Vidya updates on relationships this Friday... Watch this space for more...