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Vijay Deverakonda on 'Taxiwaala', piracy & more

Thursday, November 15, 2018 • Telugu Comments

Vijay Deverakonda on Taxiwaala, piracy & more

Vijay Deverakonda awaits the release of 'Taxiwaala' on November 17.  In this interview, he talks at length about the piracy of the film, how he is seeing it, his upcoming movies and more.  

I feel responsible for my team

There is no pressure.  I am chilled.  I promoted 'NOTA' like crazy.  I was too tired to speak anything on 'Taxiwaala' but since my cinematographer, director and others have expressed their pain over the piracy, I have come to realize that this movie is more important to my team than me.  Suddenly, yesterday, I felt responsible that I should speak for them, on behalf of them.  That's why I have started giving interviews today.  Had there been no piracy issue, I wouldn't have held this press meet.  

No career for me if it had happened then

I don't know how many have watched the pirated version.  I don't know how and if it will affect the film's market.  But there is fear in those who have worked so hard on 'Taxiwaala'.  Had this happened with 'Pelli Choopulu', I wouldn't have had a career because the film wouldn't have released in theatres and there wouldn't have been 'Arjun Reddy'.  I feel for my team, the same logic applies.  All of them are super talented.  I will definitely work with the producer of 'Taxiwaala' and the team again in future.  For example, the cinematographer is already doing 'Dear Comrade'.  

I can afford this phase 

I don't know how these leaks happen.  It happened with 'Geetha Govindam' but fortunately, the film worked in a big way.  I do have this question as to why only 'GG' and 'Taxiwaala' have got leaked.  There was a time, five years ago, when I was worried over my career, money, etc.  When I would go to restaurants with friends, I would feel bad because I was not the one who paid the bill.  Now, even when my movie has been pirated, I feel I am not in a horrible space.  At least, I can afford this piracy because I have the audience's admiration, I have the capacity to safeguard myself and my team.

Difficult to deal with piracy sites

Major piracy sites got 'Taxiwaala' two months back itself.  They wanted to upload it after the film's release.  But since many uploaded it, other piracy sites too started uploading it.  Most of the servers are in other countries.  Just as the government is blocking porn sites, it should do something about piracy sites.  It takes a lot of effort to remove content from these sites.  You can only minimize the damage by repeatedly removing the content from your end.  No matter how much you try, the owners of piracy sites upload your film back after two hours.  Digital piracy is not easy to be controlled.  The handlers are in countries like Malaysia, etc.  These are faceless enemies whose motives nobody knows.  You can warn the culprit if you know who he is.  

Great response for 'Taxiwaala'

In Hyderabad, the tickets are sold out in toto for the first day.  It shows how much support 'Taxiwaala' enjoys.  This is not a hero's film like 'Arjun Reddy' or even 'GG'.  This is a concept film.  I have to see if the film will raise my stardom or affect it.  

That's why 'NOTA' didn't work

Because of the number of films I do, I could watch 'NOTA' only a day before its release.  It's only then that I realized it had some flaws.  I am trying to do only one film at a time but it's not becoming possible.  Number of production houses, scripts, directors are too many for me to say 'No'.  'NOTA' didn't work because there were flaws in the screenplay.  

Average is equal to flop 

My producers have always made money on me.  'NOTA' too made a good chunk of money.  Speaking for myself, I don't want that 'OK OK' talk for a film.  To me, if my film gets "average talk", it's a flop.  It has to be a blockbuster.  I don't like to discuss my "average" films.  

My detractors will shut up soon

If people don't talk about you when you succeed or fail, it means you are irrelevant.  I react to things on social media based on what my SM team informs me.  I have come across instances where my fans were abused on social media.  I can take abuses because I am a paid actor.  I felt like I should tell my Rowdies not to take anything to heart if others celebrate when my film fails.  It's not going to be forever.  I know the worth of my films.  My detractors will shut up one day.  

'Taxiwaala' is fun

When I listened to the script of 'Taxiwaala', I enjoyed it.  'Geetha Govindam' was a family entertainer and was a hit with the family audience.  After 'GG', I wanted a serious film to come from me.  'NOTA' was placed accordingly.  I hope producer SKN's life becomes great after 'Taxiwaala'.  

'Taxiwaala' has elements of horror, sci-fi, supernatural elements and a regular boy's story. The travails of the characters in the film will have the audience laughing.  There is no similarity between Nayantara's 'Dora' and this film.  

Will make big money

'Taxiwaala' can't do Rs. 100 Cr.  It's not that type of film.  But it can definitely do four times more than its budget.  That's my opinion.  But my heroine is saying it will be the biggest hit.  Let's see whether her innocence wins or my experience wins.  

A never-say-die spirit

Sujith Sarang worked so hard that he took physiotherapy during the breaks.  He was suffering from Cervical Spondylitis.  At the time of rerecording, music director Jakes Bejoy's father was diagnosed with cancer.  He took care of his father's chemotherapy and air-dashed to Chennai whenever he found time to complete RR.  

Malavika's role is crucial

She was supposed to meet the press.  Malavika Nair's portion in the film can't be revealed in the trailer because her character is important.  The suspense would be gone.  We have no option but to keep her role under wraps. What can she talk when she is not supposed to reveal anything about her role?  We approached so many for the role.  She doing it has helped us greatly.  

It feels great

It feels great that Megastar Chiranjeevi sir and Allu Arjun anna have talked about me.  It's unbelievable.  I grew up watching Chiru sir's movies since I was Class I.  

Big director soon

Next year, I will work with a big director.  So far, I have experienced the joy of working with newcomers.  Some of the directors who have approached me, I love their work.  I want to experience how it will feel to work with an established director.

I mind my own business

I don't talk to anyone.  I am not friends with anyone.  I talk only to the team I am working with and my old friends.  I mind my business.  That way, my life is simple.  

'Kabir Singh' sounds cool

When Sandeep told me the title 'Kabir Singh', I found it unappealing.  But three days later, I found it addictive.  Sandeep invested so much thought in coming up with the title.  Even when 'Arjun Reddy' title was announced, many found it odd.  

'Dear Comrade' will take long time

'Dear Comrade' is done 30 percent.  It will take time.  The scale of the film is very big.  It's a drama.  It could release in the second half of 2019.  After this film, I want to do just one film at a time.