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Villains of Superheroes

Villains of Superheroes :

Alright, while we eagerly wait to grab tickets early tomorrow to find out what happens as Thanos takes on the might of Avengers, lets hold the phone and thrive on the villains of all these super hero movies. Without a villain, the hero’s power mean nothing. For he has to kick the baddies’ butt to prove his good gut. Lets look at some powerful villains over time Hollywood has produced

Joker/Dark Knight:

Easily the most devilish, sinister and darkest villain produced. He is so dark and psychotic that we all loved to hate him. Hedge's character in Dark Knight remains as one of the finest villains, kudos to Nolan. Batman did not win, the joker just let him win. Remember the dialogue? "Why so Serious"

Obadiah Stane/Iron Man:

Easily because of his flamboyant Body language and criticism of Tony Stark. He keeps hinting at Tony for producing weapons of mass destruction and then trying to justify by giving peace to the world. One of the heavy-duty villains indeed.

Ultron/Avengers 2:

We saw him last in Avengers 2 as the villain who comes out of AI and human’s over confident ego. While he might not be the scariest villain, he certainly is one of the sarcastic villains we would ever see. With a wisp of joke in his every dialogue, he gave Tony Stark aka Iron man a run for his money especially when they came one on one to word battle.

Loki/ Thor, Avengers:

We are quite unsure if he is a villain or a wannabe good boy, but he is definitely on everyone’s list of favorite antiheros. As a skeptical sarcastic god and a hard step brother of Thor, he opened his innings in Avengers first part, but since then he has shown his good nature here and there but never too firm.

Lex Luthor/Batman:

Be it comics or movies, Lex has been torturing Superman wherever he goes. While Superman needs his mightiest powers to prove his mettle, Lex just needs his psychotic character and a sarcasm to bring evil on earth’s footstep.

Ra's al Ghul/Batman series:

The Batman series by Nolan is never complete without Ra'sal Ghul which was portrayed by Liam Neeson. This redefined the way villains from superheroes need to look, they don’t need a cape or some weird costume like a superhero to show their menacing looks, just their terrorizing ideologies will do.

Red Skull/Captain America : First Avenger:

If you are into Captain America comics, then you will realise how close the character of Red Skull is in the comics and movies. Strikingly same and hauntingly enormous. While we respect Captain America’s ideologies, it started as a result of fight to end Red Skull’s evil mission.

Hela/Thor Rangnorok:

Thor's sister and Goddess of death is one another villain who might not be devilish in her works but certainly in her charms. Her arrogance and that non-pitiful affection for her brothers simply stand out through the movie.

Bane/Dark Knight rises:

Oh that voice! Can you forget Bane’s incredibly hollow yet terrorizing voice? His enormous body and fighting skills made Batman look like a skinny kid. Surely one of the most menacing villains of this era indeed.


We cannot forget the X-Men, can we? Even though through the series several antiheroes propped up, Magneto has always been the nemesis for these mutants all along. His ideologies were simple, save mutant race at any cost, even if there are no humans left behind.


Sly, sexy, invisible yet always there to trouble batman? Who else apart from Catwoman. The character has always been near to perfection as we loved to hate this woman. It's a troubled romance between a man of rightful ethics and a woman of unclear morals.


Last but not the least, Eric Killmonger is definitely on our list. More than what he is capable of as a villain, how he became a villain should be a lesson to all directors and scriptwriters. Pave a path of hatred and this is what you become. Killmonger essayed by Jordon is a worth mentioning anti hero.

Cable/Deadpool :

The movie is still not released but the trailer has already piped up the hype quite high. Cable looks to be the angry dude who goes for the kill that instant itself. Best to wait and watch how the hotheaded villain puts up a fight with the freakiest hero.


The villains of Spiderman have always been like “I am gonna destroy everything”, but Venom was different. It was the antonym of Spiderman’s exact morals and that made it sort of a battle within. Now Venom is also set to release as a separate film raising our eyebrows mile high.

Thanos? :

So with all of these 18 marvel movies converging on the battle between Thanos and rest of the superheroes, what will happen in Avengers 3? Its best to wait and watch out. Who is your favorite villain? Please comment in the below comment section