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'Vinaya Vidheya Rama' is a festival-time family entertainer: Ram Charan

Tuesday, January 8, 2019 • Telugu Comments


Ram Charan awaits the release of 'Vinaya Vidheya Rama' on January 11.  In this interview, he talks about the movie, working with Boyapati Srinu, teaming up with Rajamouli and NTR for RRR movie, 'Sye Raa', being a producer and more.  

An apt title

Boyapati garu's trailers are always in his style, suggesting mass action.  I like the title 'Jaya Janaki Nayaka'.  I wanted a similar title that suits Sankranthi vibes.  Moreover, the title is very apt for the story. 

The character in 'VVR'

Rama (Ram Charan) is very relatable.  He is the ideal son, ideal 'maridi', etc.  He is ideal like the Ayodhya Rama.  He has both 'vinayam' and 'vidhwamsam'.  Everybody is a combination of these two qualities.  

Violence is limited in 'VVR' 

In 'Badra' and other films of the director, there is a nice love story.  Same goes with 'Sarrainodu'.  If there is only violence, who will watch a movie? I myself wouldn't have been able to watch his movies.  Our film has got a clean 'U/A' certificate with zero cuts.  It's a well-balanced movie with not much violence.  There is no truth in the reports that the film has a resemblance to 'Gang Leader'.  The situations and screenplay are entirely different in this movie. I have always wanted to do a 'Gang Leader' but 'VVR' is not one.  

Rambo look was his dream 

The Rambo look was something that Boyapati garu spoke to me two years ago.   I have grown up watching the likes of Sylvester Stallone.  It felt happy to sport the Rambo look.  The Azerbaijan schedule was a bit tough to handle due to the weather conditions.  Yes, the action episode shot there will be one of the major highlights of the movie.  

My kind of movies & directors

I want to try all genres as an artist, much like Nanna garu.  At the same time, a film has to be sensible regardless of the genre.  I want to work with directors who have clarity of thought and great conviction.  I got to work on this movie soon after 'Rangasthalam'.  Even though I had no much gap, I could easily switch over from my character in 'Rangasthalam' to this one.  

An ensemble cast

Working with Aryan Rajesh felt good.  Prashanth and Sneha are such great actors.  Working with them was a great experience.  My brother (Prashanth) is playing an IAS officer.  The story has nothing to do with elections.  Vivek Oberoi garu was cast because of his performance in 'Raktha Charitra'.  Boyapati garu enacts whole scenes and the job of the actors becomes easy.  The film has well-balanced scenes.  A lot of thought went into them.  

Not scared of comparisons

Not every film can be a 'Rangasthalam'.  If the subject feels good while hearing it for the first time, I go for it.  I have to be convinced that the director is strong.  Since 'VVR' is coming after 'Rangasthalam', comparisons will definitely be there.  A certain amount of pressure is also there.  I trust Boyapati garu, who is one of the most commercial directors out there.  'VVR' is a Sankranthi-time family entertainer.  

The 'Konidela' punch line

It's not easy for me to reel off long lines.  But in this case, it's part of an episode.  Nanna garu has jokingly asked whose permission we took to use the surname.  

I feel for my staff

I personally cater to my staff.  When I am doing a film, the entire crew becomes my staff.  'Sye Raa' was shot for 35 days out of Hyderabad.  The members were away from their families.  Some of them wouldn't have time to be in touch with their families during the shoot.  It must be a frustrating experience.  Therefore, I feel for them.  

Not for revealing collections

Last time, my film, 'Bharat Ane Nenu' and Allu Arjun's movie were released in Summer.  There were some disturbances over collections.  Why talk about collections and make the competition look unpleasant when everybody made money?  Competition should be over content, not BO collections.  On behalf of my fans, I told my producers not to reveal the collections of my movie.  Usually, the pressure exerted by fans results in collections being revealed.  

I get along well with NTR, Mahesh

I have always been the same person.  I have always been close to Tarak and Mahesh Babu, of late.  Nanna garu started it even when he was in Chennai.  He used to host parties for fellow stars.  

'Sye Raa' has faced some issues

I don't want to lie.  Not everything is going perfectly.  Dates issues, etc are there.  Overall, however, things are fine.  The budget is tight.  The shoot will be completed in 2 months.  There have been no reshoots.  In fact, we don't have budgetary resources to go for reshoots.  The budget is more than Rs 200 Cr as of now.  The right subject has come at the right time.  

The music will be superb.  There are no issues with sensibilities and nativity.  He is a sensible music director.  I have heard that he (Amit Trivedi) is composing the music for Prabhas' film.  

Feeling little stress

Some amount of stress is definitely there.  I have to complete the business deals of 'Sye Raa' so that I can give my 150 percent to the RRR movie.  We were shocked when Rajamouli garu came to us with the project.  He has a huge task on hand to satisfy our fans and the general audience.  My first reaction when he came to me with the movie was silence.  I was quiet.  Tarak too was beside me.  Why will he prepare the story after okaying us?  That's not Rajamouli.  


Working with Tarak has been easy because I have always been friends with him.  

Great films just happen

'Rangasthalam' was a film which was discussed over a lunch.  I casually asked him to narrate a story if he has one.  Two days later, he came to me saying that the hero has partial hearing impairment in the story.  

A brand ambassador-like producer

Danayya garu is the brand ambassador for big-ticket movies.  Once he starts a project, he doesn't think twice before spending extra money.  He is a gutsy producer.  That's why he will produce Nanna garu's movie with Trivik

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