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Kaatrin Mozhi

Vivek’s antics

Saturday, February 9, 2008 • Tamilfont Comments

Vivek Gallery

Vivek Gallery

Making parody of veteran actors’ performances and dialogues is a style in which Vivek is a master. His parody on Sivaji Ganesan’s immortal dialogue in ‘Parasakthi’ (Odinaal Odinaal …) was appreciated by every one. He then continued the experiment with making a satirical presentation of Sivaji’s roles in ‘Thanga Pathakkam’ and ‘Mudhal Mariyaathai’.

Though these efforts were praised by many, Vivek came to know that his antics had hurt the sentiments of Sivaji’s family members. The comedian, who has high regards for the legendary actor, felt very bad. He met Prabhu and offered his apologies.

However, he hasn’t given up creating hilarious moments by imitating the stars. He has planned a few such portrayals in his forthcoming movies. In ‘Indira Vizha’, for example, he has planned a satire by imitating Sivaji’s portrayal in the movie ‘Gouravam’.

Similarly, he has planned to make more parodies depicting Sarath Kumar in ‘Sandai’ and Rajinikanth in ‘Thoondil’.

Anything for the sake of comedy is ok as long as it doesn’t hurt others.