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Waarrior Savitri Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, August 26, 2016 • Hindi ]
Waarrior Savitri Review
Dr. Bob's Production, Jai Viratra Entertainment Ltd
Niharica Raizada, Lucy Pinder, Rajat Barmecha, Om Puri, Gulshan Grover, Tim Man, Ron Smoorenburg, Karamveer Choudhari, Sheetal Sharma, Aditya Raj Kapoor, Palak J. Jhaveri
Param Gill
Upendra Maheshhwari, Bobby Kanda


Every week we witness minimum one Hindi films and along with them there are few less known small budget films or B-grade films which are made only to titillate its audience. 'Waarrior Savitri' also seems to be among all those titillating types of films and banks highly over the British porn star Lucy Pinder. Thus, except for Lucy Pinder's fans there is not much expectations among the regular cinema lovers.


'Waarrior Savitri' is a story of a rich girl Savitri (Niharica Raizada), who decides to learn martial arts at a small age is supported by her father (Aditya Raj Kapoor). She falls in love with Satya (Rajat Barmecha) from America. Savitri's family Pandit (Karamveer Choudhari) goes against the marriage of Satya and Savitri. As per his prediction, Satya will die within few weeks of their marriage. Savitri decides to go against the will of everyone and marry Satya. The moment Satya and Savitri land in America, horrifying incidents starts occurring. On the other end Savitri starts seeing images of Yamraj (Om Puri), who later tells her that Satya's life is in trouble and will die in a few days. Savitri challenges Yamraj and decides to protect her husband and father-in-law (Gulshan Grover).

The 'Glitz' Factor

The one line story is similar to the mythological tale and has been set in today's times.There are few good action scenes featuring Niharika. When it comes to music, there is nothing much to boast except for 'Night and Day' song by Shaan. 'Chahat Ki Baarish' sounds good, but erotically choreographed.

The 'Non-Glitz' Factor

The first half deals with the romance and drama related to Niharica and Rajat's life followed by the second half where Om Puri, Lucy Pinder and other tracks are revealed. The romance between Rajat and Niharica was totally unconvincing by the melodrama in the finale part of the film.

The movie moves away from the mythological adaptation and becomes more of a cheap revenge drama in the final moments. All these half-hearted scenes look pale in front of the terrible C.G.I work displayed in this film. All the special effects look tacky and outdated. The movie also tries to titillate its audience by showing Niharika and Lucy in unnecessary revealing clothes. The cinematography by Kabir Lal is not up to the mark when it comes to indoor and special effects based scenes. Editing is lousy as the movie seems like never-ending saga.

Hollywood based director Param Gill, comes up with an unusual concept and fails to do justice to it. His way of presenting the film looks totally B-grade with forced action and skin show. Niharica Raizada desperately tries to make her mark with the help of her revealing clothes and forced skin show, but fails to make her mark.

When it comes to action, she delivers her best and at the same time in the dramatic scenes she hams to the fullest. Rajat Barmecha looked like the younger brother of Niharica and lacked the heroism. It’s sad to see this new comer who displayed his potential in 'Udaan', doing such kind of films. Gulshan Grover's voice has technical blunders. Aditya Raj Kapoor, Karamveer Choudhari, Lucy Pinder and others ham to the fullest. Om Puri looked lost in this movie.

Final 'Glitz'

In short 'Waarrior Savitri' is a coward attempt by its makers as it only tries to titillate its audience for all wrong reasons.

Rating: 1.00 / 5.0

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