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War Chhod Na Yaar Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, October 11, 2013 • Hindi ]
War Chhod Na Yaar Review
AOPL Entertainment Pvt Ltd.
Sharman Joshi,Soha Ali Khan,Jaaved Jaaferi,Sanjay Mishra,Mukul Dev,Manoj Pahwa
Faraz Haider
Aslam Keyi

What is it all about?

A case of growing old but not growing up.. AOPL Entertainment's first ever attempt to give bollywood a war comedy under first timer writer director Faraz Haider is a befitting example on how to make a funny idea go seriously kaput.. yes the idea gets all the applaud but the naive execution and very limited gags plus lack of improvisation, wacky, cracky moments makes this a forgettable affair.

The Story

Writer director Faraz Haider comes with a cracker of a concept but unfortunately he is not able to give a proper script to his vision.. he starts off decently where we see the Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan ready to hatch their political eggs as the super powers China and America are playing their games... A war is about to start.. A journalist Dutta modeled on (Barkha Dutta) played by Soha Ali Khan is send to the borders by the Indian ministry to report and take stock of the situation.. during her stint Dutta is surprised and shocked to see what is actually happening on the borders..

What to look out for

It's a new concept for those viewers who have not heard or seen war comedies. The camaraderie between the Indian and Pakistani soldiers and the Antakshari is a highlight. There is some tongue and cheek humor at couple of places. Sanjay Mishra's part is very funny.

The actors though do not disappoint at all and give their best..

Sharman Joshi is fantastic. Jaaved Jaaferi is first rate. Soha Ali Khan is quite sincere. Dalip Tahil gets lot of scope and does well. Sanjay Mishra is absolutely funny. Mukul Dev is fine. Manoj Pahwa does well.

Technicalities and production values are fair.

What not

Comedies are a tough job and to attempt a comedy on the cross border situation is highly demanding and challenging.. Faraz Haider dares to be different but his naive approach doesn,t allow him to care for the demands of this genre.  There is inconsistency in his narration.  Starts off decently but after a while seems to clueless and doesn,t know where to take this forward. Relies on such stale decades old jokes as gags like the `Kaun Bola' one which we heard during our higher secondary school days..

Ideally `War Chhod Na Yaar' should have made us laugh and given a escapist feel good pill to the shit this netas from both the countries are indulging across our borders instead the movie ends up in making us laugh at the mockery done by Faraz Haider in the name of cinema whose childish approach during the second half brings in embarrassment.

The culmination is so naive making you wonder whether the same man thought of this idea.. why this seriousness and paper (read internet) revolution and why draw conclusions.. it's a war comedy right not a televised cross border drama..

Conclusion: `War Chhod Na Yaar' is a funny idea seriously gone kaput. Watch it if you really want to see how this actually happened..

Rating **

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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